quinnfyre(z7 PA)July 4, 2010

I'm in obsessive acquisition mode. Somehow in my mind, the notion that I will put up a wall shelf to accommodate some of my hoyas that will need a taller trellis translates to 'wow, I can get a ton more hoyas!' Um, no... but part of my brain refuses to listen.

Here's what I'm looking at:











And I'm waiting for these to be ready:




sp. Nong Nooch

sp. paulshirleyi

These are on the way:

finlaysonii, pink flower form


And these are new this year:

australis ssp. Tenuipes






obovata, variegated

sp. Square leaf



Yikes. Where is this all going to go? The shelf is going to be 36 in by 12 in. And in case I was forgetting, the aim is for these hoyas to grow. What will it look like when everything starts growing up?

Maybe by then I will have moved to a bigger house. Ha.

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Just reading your post and I might have an idea here that I use that might help you :) You know the wrought iron type plant hangers that are flat on the top and have two 3/4 circles at the end of them? One 3/4 circle is just before the other? I put a hanger on each side of my window (you could also do this on a wall with spot lights, why not) and then got 2 pieces of aluminum rod from the hardware store, here it was about $2 - $3 for 16 feet, and run each rod piece through both 3/4 circles from one side of the window to the other. There isn't much space between each rod but it works perfect for smaller hanging stuff that can fit close together and be staggered. It makes a great privacy screen lol. I like this better than the shelves I used to have because stuff can hang and not everything has to be trellised, at the very least it helps when I have babies and need space. It's not a permanent solution because some plants do out grow it but it does buy some time as I find out which ones grow faster, need a trellis and need more space. I also hang my orchid pots and other sun plants that come inside for the winter this way since I only have one window that gives enough light for them plus it doesn't matter how close together they are. During the winter I also put a second set of plant hanger/rods in the middle of the window to give me more space and also use the shelf underneath. I too need a bigger house!

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I don't trellis very many of mine because they take up more room that way. I hang most of mine. All of my windows have sturdy curtain rods at the top, and I get those "S" hooks they have at Lowe's (some small ones and some really long ones) and hang a lot of them off my curtain rods. That's inside the house. In the GH, I have some biggies that hang at the back of the GH, then a lot of the newer and not so huge ones sit on the wire baker shelves. Well, the problem I run into a lot is having to disentangle them from each other. That's the biggest challenge of having a lot of them growing close together!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with the cuttings I'll be getting from Liddle... Speaking of which, has anyone heard ANYthing about the Liddle orders? I had mine in late June last year, which I understood was untypically late, and here it is July...

Denise in Omaha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I hear you guys loud and clear! That is the million dollar question..."Where are are all these hoyas going to fit once they all grow up"? I'm in the same boat...yet I've managed to acquire a few more this year even though I told myself NO more! My brain tells me to heart tells me just one will fit...NOT!

I need HELP Please!

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

I am right there with you guys, I am an obsessive compulsive personality. Just when I have enough I want more. Now mind you they have to strike some kind of chord for me to buy it or trade for it, but I look real hard for a good quality, LOL.

Hey Denise, you know the anulata that you sent me a few months ago, well it has not grown a stitch, but it has 3 peduncles and buds on one of them. I will have to take a picture of the kerrii that you sent me to HUGE, no peducles though.


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I am not from the USA but yesterday I got email from Iris Liddle saying she dont have time sending my invoice because she is working on the USA order she want to send next week.

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I'm there with ya'll too. I went out and got medal closet rods and hung them so that I can hang my pots. Then I hang pots off of pots. Like Denise mine like to get tangled up with their neighbor, but that is ok since everyone is happy. Every few weeks I go thru them and untangle them and rewrap them. Since they all hang along a screen enclosure however I do have to go outside and make sure that any growth tips have not grown thru the screen, if I catch them soon enough I can gently pull them back thru and redirect them. New cuttings and such harden off on a shelf until they are ready to put into hanging pots.

Denise,If I heard correctly and if you are in the same consignment as I then the Little order should be on it way in this next week. As I understand it a order was put in for inspection of our cuttings and made for July 5th, so if everything goes well then they should be on there way to our consignment host shortly thereafter.


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Thanks for the hanging plant suggestions! I have to watch it though, with hanging plants. My windows are not big and pretty low to the ground, and anything hanging and dangling in the air is just an invitation to play for my younger kitty, who has all her claws. The older kitty may or may not play with the plants, but she is the plant muncher, if she decides she is starving. And that is anytime her bowl is empty or near empty. So right now, it is easier for me to have shelves in front of the windows and cram the shelves full of plants so there is no room for a cat to fit in. Then, to them, it's just an uninteresting piece of furniture. And it works pretty well as a privacy screen too, ha. Trellising works well for me in this case, because it keeps all the dangling vines from, well, dangling, and puts them out of harm's way.

Cuttings are dangerous... They are so small and unassuming, and fit just about anywhere. And they let me do dumb things like get the ginormous leaved varieties without really dealing with where they will go when they are more than just cuttings. Oh well. It makes life interesting ; )

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I'm about to cut myself off . . . plants have started dying . . . and I don't know why. :( It's really bumming me out! Well, I'm pretty sure I can guess why . . . my husband made me turn on the air conditioner (finally). Everyone was happy, til then. Now, they are either too wet or too dry.

And the buds on my sp. Kast dried up, again! I'm soooooo bummed, right now


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Regina, yes I heard from Chris right after I posted, so we're getting close...

Dee, glad to hear that anulata is going to bloom for you. It's one of my problem children - grows, then leaves yellow and drop, then will grow again. It did bloom for me the first year I got it, but I don't think it's bloomed since.

Carolyn, the key is to not aquire so many that you have trouble taking care of them. I don't think the A/C should be an issue - I grow about a third of mine in the house and I keep my house like an icebox! What IS key is air movement - I have ceiling fans in every room and I keep them running 24/7 (pretty much year round). The plants dry out faster, which I think is a good thing. Oh, and one more thing - don't fret over them. I find the more I "baby" a plant, the more trouble I have with it. So my problem children (like aff. anulata) either go outside or on a top shelf where I don't see it every time I walk by. For some reason, they almost always come back if I ignore them except to splash water on once in awhile...

Denise in Omaha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hey Carolyn, so sorry to hear you're having some problems. Hopefully you'll figure out what might be causing it. Most of us have definitely been there at some point growing hoyas and plants...keeping fingers crossed for you.

Denise has some great advise...I too have my air on about 6 or 7 months a year. I also have ceiling fans and run them 24/7 where I have my plants...seems to help a lot. Best of luck!

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ladygreensleeves to agree with Denise and Pug. The a/c should not be an issue, and air movement is essential. Stressing over them doesnt do you or them any good either. Have you researched which plants need more and which need less moisture and grouped them accordingly? I have several in self watering pots, best thing I ever did for them. Others need to dry out like the Mojave Desert before it's next drink.

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Yep . . . done all that. :) And, actually, I'm making it sound worse than it is . . . out of about 150, only 2 are having issues! hahaha But THEY'RE MY BABIES! I'll get it all figured out and it will be fine. I just hate to lose even one. :)


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Somehow, this number only just sunk in... 150! Impressive.

To further along the 'argh!!' I am now drooling over globulifera and dischorensis. I need to get that shelf ordered and put in ASAP. Maybe once I can see that I have no room, I will cool my jets (for a while). I did just line my shelves with Mylar. Looks good, and I did notice an increase in light. My window faces south but is kind of just under the eaves of the house, so it's not nearly as bright as the windows lower down. So reflecting it back down and up, I think, really does help.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Quinn!
I have heard that Mylar traps moisture and can lead to mildew problems....
Has anyone else experience with this?


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Hmmm, I don't know why it would necessarily trap moisture. I only lined my shelves with it. The shelves are not 100% covered, and my room only stays at about 50% humidity. Perhaps if it was a humid room with fluctuations in temps and humidity, kind of like a bathroom, it would be highly likely, but I feel like in my case the benefits far outweigh the risk of mildew. My shelves were lined with aluminum foil for a while before this, and I didn't notice any mildew growth.

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