Wrought Iron Arbor Suggestions?

robbiezone5(z5 HudsonValley)March 7, 2006

i am thinking of purchasing a wrought iron arbor that will be used to support two william baffin roses (on either side) at the entrance of my antique rose garden. for some reason i am having trouble. i am looking for something that will be sturdy but not overly ornate. looking through books with photos of old gardens, i've often seen what appears to be a fairly basic wrought iron arbor of two arches, with horizontal cross-beams. i found this on the jackson & perkins web site: http://www.jacksonandperkins.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?superitem=26976&category_sel=570

i think this is along the lines of what i am looking for. my concern is that it be sturdy. so i'm a little hesitant to make a purchase without some input.

does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks so much!


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corapegia(z5 NY)

The landscaping team I now work with has done a couple of series of arches that looke similar to this from rebar. The ends are set in cement, top bent over, then other side set in cement. It's possible to cross them also so the effect is kind of laced. Sorry, I dont have photos but could try to get some. Both have been up for several years and they hold up well.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

If you're planning to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show this week, there are usually several companies there that sell wrought iron garden structures, in standard sizes or made to order.

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blackcat333(z6 NY)

I saw these arbors on a Martha Stewart show a few years ago and really liked them. I think they were rebar, too.


yardiac.com has some beautiful arbors, but pricey.

Someone mentioned metal arbors at Big Lots for less than $100, but I've never been in there so I don't know the quality.

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robbiezone5(z5 HudsonValley)

thanks... i think the rebar might detract from the look of the garden, you know? it will be recognized as "rebar". i'll keep looking around.

don't think i'll make it to the philadelphia garden show...

i'll keep looking. i've seen a couple web sites that have arbors, but it's difficult to gauge how sturdy they actually are from the photos. i was at a garden center the other day, and looked at some of the arbors. a lot of them seemed to be pretty wobbly.

so i'm a little wary of making a purchase without giving it a little shake to see how flimsy it seems. i'll keep hunting.


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nygardener(z6 New York)

Robbie, here is a list of the Flower Show's merchants. (You can search for "iron".) I think that The Painted Garden is the place I had in mind. Their structures were quite sturdy and can be made to any specification.

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