How about Gypsy Rose?

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)April 14, 2013

I'm asking this because I dipped into Evermore's Photobucket shots and found her picture of Gypsy Rose.

It looks a bit different than my brand new Gypsy Rose just about two weeks planted from Naylor. And here it is below.

For comparison sake, please post your photos of it, with the age of the plant at the time taken, or how many years you've grown it.
Any remarks about location will be appreciated too.

Fog Light and Gypsy Rose

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Ludi _PA_7a

I always thought Gypsy Rose didn't have the white line ?

Maybe with age it goes away ? Or I am going mad ?

We did clean the garage out today and I am pooped as all hell so my mind may be a bit muddled at the moment.

Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in.

Either way, that is a cutie-patootie ya got there. Thanks for sharing. :)


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I have a gypsy rose from last year and also bought one this spring and yes it has the white line and mine is the same as yours is. Nice plant Moc

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Good deal, Fay!
Now I hope that Evermore will post her/his Gypsy Rose here, because it looks different and I want to know if the center changes a lot and how old his/hers is.

Ludi, it surprised me about the white line or G-string but I guess she is after all a stripper too. That's my only one of the Striptease line.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Here's Gypsy Rose, year 1. She gets afternoon and evening sun:

Here she is, year 2:

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I have two different Gypsy Rose' has a thicker margin and one has a thinner margin. I like them both and just think it's caused by different tissue culture batches.


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Vanessa, that contributes a lot to the discussion. Thank you. It could account for the difference in the GR of Evermore and myself and Fay. I think ours came from the same sort of TC batches.

All are lovely though.

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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

As requested:

Steve (as always)

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Ay! Gypsy Rose is one of the hostas I want to plant in the Neighbor's Plot. Only 2 places have it listed for sale, and those 2 places don't have the other hostas I want for the N.P. Where did you get your Gypsy Rose? And how did you make it yellow vs. the other specimens which seem so white?


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Babka NorCal 9b

Gypsy Rose is like her namesake the famous stripper. She changes her colors throughout the season. ;-)


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My first year with her was 2012. Just planted in this picture. June 2012 south facing in front of my fence.

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Esther, my brand new Gypsy Rose has more green in the middle, and shows her white G-string. But later in the year, that middle area will turn progressively yellower and perhaps fade a bit toward more creamy look.

Gypsy Rose has an extensive wardrobe!

And there are a bunch of nurseries which have Gypsy Rose, not simply TWO. I checked the HostaFinder 2013 and these are listed:
WadeandGatton $11
Bridgewood $15
ContraryMary $15
Flying Frog $16
Franc's $18
Hornbaker $15
HostaPatch $15
In The Country $20
JacksHostas $15
Jim's $16
Land of the Giants $18
Long Island $15
Made In The Shade $14
Naylor Creek $15
Oak Hill $15
O'Brien $15
Pine Forest $15
Plant Delights $22
Sebright $13
Shadow $15
Woodland $10

Since those are abbreviations in many cases, if you want to get the full address, email me using my Gardenweb Member Page address and I'll get back to you right away.

I see that WadeAndGatton come in very low, and you'd get a well grown product from them. Same is true of NaylorCreek. My Gypsy Rose came from Naylor, so did AlmostHooked, don't know about the others. Naylor sometimes sends two separate eyes from their tissue cultured hosta, not small things, unless they happen to be hot new items.If two, they could be planted separately quite easily.

Esther, here is a shot of my Gypsy Rose this afternoon, showing what I mean. Coke can for size. There were two separate eyes which I put in the same pot fairly far apart. Note that the eye on the left is really still TWO EYES, but growing together. The one on the right is a single eye with a few dormant eyes at the base of the crown. What I'm saying is, in some instances, I separated the two into different pots, like I did Half And Half last year, and Sugar Daddy last year, but I bought ONE plant. So the cheapest plant is not always the best deal, love. That is the message. If you want them to look full, leave them together. If you can wait for the full look, they'll live separately quite nicely.

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