Hello again, dear friends

cena60July 13, 2013

PG, Denise, HA Toni, and those I've neglected. I wish I had great pix for you. Blooming for sure, computer not so great! I have some stored on thumb drive...

Being promoted in my field has had a deep impact on the spare time I have to devote to other arenas! Additionally, my DH gifted me with a motorcycle December '11, and I've put over 10,000 miles on since then.

I looked at Exchanges - I have to cut Hoyas out of the tree, much is lost, but I'm only looking for a few things.

I wanted to shout out, howdy and see if folks just wanted to know what mature cuttings I would be able to provide, or if Exchanges is The Place to have this conversation. Sometimes it's better if you introduce yourself, let folks know you have history, and skill rather than post blindly in Wants/Haves.

I'm basically looking for Krinkle 8 and bella. The plants I have to whack back are 10 plus years old, peduncles out the wazoo. I would rather survey interest before I photo bomb anything.

Doesn't matter, I'm going to have to cut yards of Hoya to untangle. The tree has species (myoporum) thrips and is a goner.

It's always great to hear/see how everyone is doing. Throw a rock at me if you are interested and you don't see me coming back.

Drowning in tomatoes from my first in ground garden in three years!

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hello! i sent you a email a few days ago. i have bella but not krinkle 8. i would love to be able to set up a trade if possible.

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Thank you, Amber. I looked, didn't find anything. Could be an old address.

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