Bagged and Potted

Babka NorCal 9bApril 5, 2013

Edit: Wanted to have the subject be "Bagged, Bare, and Potted", but alas you cannot edit the subject line.

My Hallson's order arrived today at 4pm! The Priority mail postage laabel says it was shipped on April 3rd, just 2 days ago from a land far, far away.

Here they are bagged, laid out and potted. Around here all my hostas are unfurling, even may always-the-last-one, Fire and Ice. TGIF cocktail hour got delayed a bit tonight.

Hudson Bay
Hyuga Urajiro
Pot of gold (bonus)


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Hm. Nice pics, Babka.Don B.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i dont see any pix

i am surprised.. as some of my soil is still frozen.. 10 miles east of him.. he must be magic


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Babka NorCal 9b

The pics were there when I first posted. They went away when I came back and edited the text. Learn something new everyday. ;-)

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Babka, nicely staged pips. Lovely hostas in behind... what are they? I'm still trying to decide what to buy this spring.

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They look terrific Babka, as do your leafed out hosta!

In lieu of the delayed TGIF cocktail hour, how about Celebratory After Planting (CAP) cocktail(s)?!

Once again, Hallson Gardens delivers really nice product :-)


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Babka NorCal 9b

Dgregory- Absolutely. CAP. Think I'll have to plant some more tonite. ;-)

Irawon- Halcyon on the left, Diana Remembered center and Dancing Queen.


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Ah, very nice, Babka! Hosta from Hallson Gardens are always worth posting. ('Dancing Queen' just went on my wish list).

Don B.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

The local nursery has some dancing queen. Would you recommend it? Does she grow well?

(That way I won't have to pay a cover charge to see her show.)


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I knew that was Dancing Queen right away. It looks great. I look forward to seeing mine come up this spring. Thanks for sharing Babka. I look forward to seeing these again, especially Hyuga Urajiro. Nice looking roots. And bk, I would recommend Dancing Queen.


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Babka NorCal 9b

For me, here in CA, Dancing Queen turns to a light green in Summer, but she always has that ruffle edge. I like to put her front and center in Spring, then later she gets moved among the supporting cast. She's a good grower too.

How about a "dog whisperer"??????


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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Babka, I guessed Halcyon and Dancing Queen but not Diana Remembered. This season will be my Dancing Queen's second year in the ground. I hope it develops into as nice a plant as yours. I'll be watching the progress of your Hyuga Urajiro in a pot with interest. Mine is in the ground and has been spectacularly slow growing, possibly, no probably, because of root competition. I'm considering moving it to a better site.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Boy, I could use a dog whisperer.


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Ludi _PA_7a

Ohhhh Babka look at you teasing us with your Hallson's order. :p

I played it safe and told Chris to mail mine the second week in May. I have some 40+ coming so I will be a busy boy that day.

I see you snagged up a Hudson Bay as well. That was one of the first in my cart when I was ordering. I am excited to see the variegation.

I wish Eskimo Pie wasn't such carp. Need to figure out what McTavish does to keep it alive. Her pic in the post ,"Some closeup pics from last year,love big leaves .." was stunning.

Post pics when they begin to unfurl, please. :)


EDIT: I sighted the wrong post originaly - changed to the correct one now. :)

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Ludisia, maybe you can try White Elephant instead of Eskimo Pie. I think Eskimo Pie bit the biscuit this winter, but White Elephant is up and looking sweet already. It was slow rising last year, like Dick Ward was. But I'll have to show you the latest when I dump my camera.

And BK, I cannot see any sign of Dancing Queen YET. I have several great yellows/golds with ruffled edges, and if she disappears, I do not plan on replacing her.

My garden looks like a split personality right now, only half up and leafed out, the other half maybe pipping. I have to repot a lot of them because squirrels exposed a lot of the roots. Boy was I cussing today when the new order from Naylor had 3 pots dug up.

Well, I have a full week ahead, with DH having his second cataract surgery Tuesday, more flooring arriving, and the vanlines delivering the last few items from the house up north.

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I looked up 'Eskimo Pie'. Beautiful. It's that much of a Diva, eh? That's a shame. Thanks for the warning.

Don B.

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It gets really silly! Is it ABBA that sang Dancing Queen? Whoever, that's what I hear in my head whenever I read the name. I think I have it out in my trees, but things are just startitng to come up out there.

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A link is called for here, to ABBA performing the number LIVE in Australia in 1977....this link is to an upload at YouTube that is HD.
Enjoy it. They did the song in MAMA MIA, and that was cute too, but this is the Real McCoy.

My little Dancing Queen was lovely last year, I even put a small disco ball in the pot with of those self-watering mosaic sort of thingies. Special treatment didn't help me though. I'll look for the pot tomorrow.

Here is a link that might be useful: ABBA Dancing Queen performance

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Ludi forgot to check to see if White Elephant was among my photos on Flickr. Fortunately yes.

Instead of Eskimo Pie, think about it for the white leaf look... my Eskimo Pie faded away last year, gone gone I do believe.

White Elephant

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Ludi _PA_7a

Mocc . . . you would recommend another white centered hosta to me . . . ENABLER !!!!!

My list of white centered hosta currently consists of:

Andrew (I'll be dead in the ground before I see this one mature)
Clifford's Stingray
Half and Half
Hearts on Fire
Hudson Bay
LS Paisley Print
Night before Christmas
Rare Breed
Sharp Dressed Man
White Bikini
Woop Woop

WISH LIST includes:

Eskimo Pie
American Sweetheart
Ann Kulpa
First Love
Fire and Ice

and now thanks to you . . . White Elephant . . . . . I'm such a sucker. :p

What are friends for right ?


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Yah yah, Ludi, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never harm me......" ENABLER back at yah yah.
You'd do the same for me, friend! :)

And you mean to say you have nothing on that list yet?
Not even Diana Remembered? Not even Half And Half?
Why, Ludi, I cannot believe you did not pick up a Half And Half last summer when Naylor Creek Boyz were featuring it on the Hosta Library Auction? You missed a winner....that and ......
but I don't want to tempt you further, friend. Time enough for that ...... later this spring....when most nurseries are SOLD OUT... :)

Half And Half

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Ludi _PA_7a

Hahaaaa, Mocc you make me smile. :)

I guess I could have made that list a little clearer. I DO HAVE all the ones listed EXCEPT what is under Wish List.

My point was kind of lost in the syntax, but I am completely partial to the white centered hostas, just like you with your Green and Yellow. I find myself leaning to them every time I open a website or look at a catalog.

I bought Half and Half last year in July after YOU recommended it to me. :p

It's one of my favs. Stayed strong looooong into the fall and the center didn't fade out or green up. Nice thick leaves too.

JUST to make sure I don't live down my title of Enabler, have you seen Summer Lovin yet ? It very much reminds me of your style of hosta.


P.S. Sorry Babka for hijacking your thread. I'll make it up to you, promise. :)

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Never liked ABBA in the 70's-80's, still don't like 'em now. Oh but that Dancing Queen...gotta get me some a dat.

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