I bought more seeds today!

auntyara(5a)March 6, 2010

I needed them. I really, really did!

OK I wanted them! I really, really did. lol

I bought

baby blue eyes

soy beans

rock soap wort

lupine tutti frutti

from HD and walmart.

I'm also working on another order from Parks.

On another forum some one was so kind to tell everyone the code for no shipping charge ...SAVEGREEN..

Hey it's like they're cheaper. So why not, right?

I think I have a problem.LOL


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SAVEGREEN just the letters not the dots.

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nycynthias(Z6 NY)

LOL! I just got an email from a mail order company telling me they had shipped my seed order...which I do not recall ordering. Hahahah! It's a sickness, right?? I'm going to ignore the free shipping code, even though it was nice of you to share! No. More. Seeds. This. Year!

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You're worse than I am.LOL
I kept my new order at $20.00. I'm DONE. I think.
It really is a sickness but there are so many pretty flowers, I just can't help myself.

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lmw845(z5 NY)

I have a large number of seeds from previous years, so I made myself promise 'No online ordering.' Last year I got so busy I didn't start ANY of the seeds I ordered.

But there are some things I need, which I'm going to pick up at Adam's when I go to check out the L&G Show. (I don't really go for the show. I go for the greenhouse smells and to check out the new products).

My seed needs include: Parsley 'Giant of Italy,' Calendula (I'll decide the variety when I get there, but I love all the 'Flashbacks' and the pink/buff toned ones as well), and papaver somniferum.

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The free shipping code has expired.

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Yeah, I know how you feel. When I go to Adams in Newburgh (which is about once every ten days or two weeks) I usually park on the Nissan dealership side. It's a big temptation to walk through that door on the garden center and not be drawn in by the siren song of the seed racks.

I have all my veggie and perennial seed, but I still need annual seeds like cleome, cosmos, etc. Lord please give me the strength to restrain myself!

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They do call to you. I have to look at them when ever I go to shoprite, and I already have the ones I need, but I still look at them.lol
:) Laura

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lmw845(z5 NY)

I went to Adam's today, and I only bought the seeds I said I needed in my previous post. As a reward for being so seed-disciplined, I bought myself a bunch of other garden treats. Oops!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hudson Valley Garden Calendar

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