Mosquito Magnets

lucasdog(z5 NY)March 22, 2004

Has anyone ever tried one of these (the kind that emits co2 to attract the mosquito then sucks into a vacume bag)?

Our place is near a stream and there are times when the mosquitos almost carry us away.

Does anyone have a testimonial to share?


I've posted this in the "pest management" forum as well....just trying to spread a larger net.

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I am about to buy one this summer as we border wetlands and our yard is murder. My DD is engaged, her fiance has brothers who have these and swear by them. They say they really work. These are the ones in the Frontgate catalogue.

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linnea2(z5 NY)

Hi Jane,
ditto. Murder on my mind.
Not another year like last!

Whoever gets one first gives a review, ok?

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dogmom_NY(z5 NY)

We've used the Mosquito Magnet for two years and it's very effective. We live in the middle of a wooded lot with a pond, and between our thriving bat population and the Magnet, we're able to barbeque and eat on the deck in the evenings without having smelly citronella candles everywhere.

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Sorry about the late response. I bought a "Mosquito Magnet" Defender model last summer for my residence. Here's the GOOD NEWS: on my lawn, the colorful, sophisticated, quietly-purring Mosquito Magnet (MM) served as a terrific conversation piece for passers-by. Postal letter carriers, package and daily newspaper deliverers, campaign candidates, neighbors, walkers, joggers, ect. were universally fascinated by the gadget. It resembled, at once, something very exotic -- such as a mechanical pet robot or an Andy Warhol-like, artistically-painted, lawn ornament. Consequently, I became much more acquainted with my neighbors and other unknowns who stopped to inquire about the strange contraption.

The NOT-SO-GOOD NEWS is that the costly MM confirmed my worst fears: It totally under-performed. After 6 weeks of ownership the MM had trapped fewer than 100 mosquitoes. Unlike some owners complaints, my MM always started and operated as advertised. The problem arose from the reality that it didn't catch many insects. Throughout the summer, I experimented with relocating the MM around my yard and chemical attractants -- with similar disappointments. Frustrated, I plucked the device into the most infested area of the property, reasoning that it had to at least trap blood-suckers -- even if it didn't significantly reduce the general population. Result???: A few hapless mosquitoes wandered to their deaths, but certainly no more than I could have swatted myself in about 10 minutes. I carefully maintain the MM according to the manual, used attractants, and regularly consulted with MM service reps -- all to little avail. Ironically, insects appeared somewhat interested in the MM, as I observed flies, mites, and mosquitoes hoovering around and crawling over the appliance. I suspect, like my neighbors and others, they were fascinated by the machine, too!!! Also, the MM is not inexpensive to operate. It requires electricity 24/7 along with refills of propane, chemical attractants, and C02 cartridges every 21 days.

Meanwhile, I now totally understand why the nursery sales person where I bought the MM was evasive when asked about the nursery's return policy on the MM. She coyly explained that the nursery had sold literally dozens of MMs with no returns! When pressed, however, she conceded that the manufacturer (American Biophysics Corporation) no longer accepted returns from dealers and required individual customers to directly contact ABC. That should have been my second clue: My first being the "Love 'Em," "Hate 'Em" electronic bulletin board divisions about the MM!

I think the MM is a great idea, but the science and technology isn't quite there to support it -- yet. To date, scientists and manufacturers simply don't know enough about mosquito behavior to design, mass produce, market, and sell safe, reliable, affordable, and ecologically-friendly mosquito exterminators.

Now, can anyone tell me how to avoid the embarrassing snickers from my neighbors for buying such an expensive, well, uh,...lawn ornament???
Really Blue Ace

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We visited friends for a BBQ this afternoon and they had one set up in their backyard. As the sun started to set, the mosquitos came out in swarms. Our friend kept insisting that it takes a good 2 weeks before you notice a reduction in the bugs. So why didn't he turn it on 2 weeks ago?!? There were about 25 of us at this BBQ, and we were all swatting at them. I think that is just something he heard... but I was not impressed tonight as I was constantly swatting them away.

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I have had my mosquito magnet now for quite some time.
I have had it break down on me a couple times and I'll tell you, they are near impossible to work on. After a lot of time and effort though I was able to FINALLY find a company to repair these units, as the manufacturer will not.
They even paid for return shipping! As for the mosquitos I have had no more problems ... hope that helps.

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Hi, The mosquito Magnet works great!!! The only problem is the cost of the attractant packets! But, I did find a site that offers Octenol refilling kits and, not only are they inexpessive, the refill works just as good as the original... if not better! The seller is on E-Bay one of his item unmber's for the refill kits is:170216533615. The user name is fjp800

Here is a link that might be useful: e-bay

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rembetika(austin, TX)

we bought one and the d*mn thing was over $500. what a rip-off. first of all, you have to order by mail the LUREX which is the only attractant that works for asian tiger mosquitoes, which were first primarily in the south but have now invaded the rest of the US.
so YES it catches some mosquitoes. but NO it does not catch enough to make a difference. maybe if you had 2 of them, or a circle of them surrounding your property, it might.
also the propane and attractant gets expensive.
you might try buying a used one cheap on craigslist or ebay and give it a shot, instead of paying retail. maybe you'll have better luck with it.

here's the ONLY solution i found that works: douse every inch of your clothing in OFF. then spray the herbal stuff on your hands & face & any other exposed skin (or spray a light mist of OFF everywhere.. i just hate putting that on my skin).
if you are hanging out on your porch, in your yard, etc.. burn a bunch OFF citronella candles every few feet, around the area where you are. that seems to keep a lot of them at bay.
someday, maybe some brilliant person will invent a harmless PILL that humans can take to repel mosquitoes. and it couldn't happen soon enough! actually, i can't believe that no one has already.

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Three years ago, I purchased one made by Blue Rhino. It works great! I live in southern Louisiana and we have tons of mosquitoes. I bought one that covers one acre. It was on sale at Target at the end of the sumer. If you get one, keep in mind that it does take some time before you will notice a decrease in the mosquito population....about three weeks.

The "magnet" attracts the mosquitoes because the propane bottle powers a small pilot flame which releases CO2 that basically simulates the CO2 released from a large animal (cow). There is a small fan that sucks the mosquitos into a compartment where they dehydrate and eventually die.

Last year, I could not go within 10 feet from my magnet or I would swarmed because it attracted so many mosquitos.

The only negative comment I have on this is when you light the flame, it sometimes makes a very loud POP and I'm a little concerned that one day I am going to light it and it will blow up.

If anyone is intrested, I have photos that show zip-lock plastic bags full of mosquitoes just after one night.

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