What's coming up? What's coming back? What's probably not?

ffreidlMarch 10, 2010

I've got Daffodils with buds forming, crocus leaves but no flowers yet - maybe they're not going to bloom for me this year - daylilies coming up, some Tulip leaves but they look kind of loose - again, I'm thinking that they might not flower (when do you know about Tulips?). Last fall's foxglove leaves seem to be greening up, so I think they'll be fine.

I'm desperately searching for signs of life in three lilies I planted last year, as well as some echinacea plants. So far, nothing. When do yours start showing up, anyone?

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I'm still buried in snow. I usually start to see green at the end of march.
Last fall, a friend of a friend gave me a 5 gallon pail full of Mr.E bulbs. I can't wait to see what I got.lol. I hope they pretty.
About your tulips, hows the soil? It might be too compact. Try adding compost or maybe they're too deep.
good luck.

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Poor you! The snow's been gone from my yard for at least a week. I think my tulips are probably played out. They're not from this past fall, they're from the year before, so I guess they're just done. Pretty expensive habit!

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some tulips last for decades. My sister orders from ??(somewhere in europe)?? I can't remember, but they are very expensive and spread great. she gave me some. These are not the kind you can get from walmart or michigan bulb co. Those are great for a year or two and die out.
I'll find out the name and post it.
snow should be gone soon! 3 days of rain will get rid of it. I hope.


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nygardener(z6 New York)

The only colorful bulbs are crocuses and a few Siberian squill, no open flowers yet, but you can see the colors in the closed blossoms. The daffodils don't seem to have even emerged yet. There's a pansy or two in bloom.

Lots of other stuff going on  corn salad has come back; sorrel, thyme, and sage have leafed out. Brambles have leaf buds, some (blackberries) starting to break. Celeriac and just a couple of kale and chard plants seem to have made it through the winter.

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lmw845(z5 NY)

Crocus, daffs, primula, squill and hellebores are blooming. All other bulb foliage - tulips, alliums, bluebells, fritillaria, colchicum, lycoris are growing like crazy!

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