Drying Peppers

joe711(z6 PA)September 24, 2009

I have loads of large Red Cherry peppers that I would like to dry. In the past when I tried, they would dry fine hanging them strung up. But when cracked opened, there was mold inside. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is there another way to dry them inside & out. Thanks!!!

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bejay9_10(zone 9/10)

I just finished drying an assortment of red peppers, jalapeno, anchos, poblano mix. In the past, mold has been a problem also.

I purchased my Excaliber dehydrator a short time ago, because summer drying temperatures are very erratic here. It works well for drying most everything - especially bananas, tomatoes, and fleshy fruits and vegetables.

I cut the peppers in rings this time to see if it would avoid curling, which leads to mold. It worked fine. They were cut in 1/4 in. rings and placed on the mesh sheets provided. It took almost a day but were fine without mold.

I intend to make a type of chili powder with the mixed peppers - not too hot, not too mild for seasoning.


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wiringman(ZONE 4)

cayenne peppers dry very well on a string. the thicker walled peppers need to be dried in a dehydrator.

i have a lot of peperoncini this year and it is a thin walled pepper so i am trying to dry it on a string also.

some times we put all the different peppers in the vita-mix and make a chili pepper powder that is very good. and it last a long time.

i like to have a dried whole cayenne in a lot of my dishes so it works out well for me.

i like to slice my jalapenos and pickle them. then i use them on nachos.

this years peppers were very hot. some years they are not as hot.


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bejay9_10(zone 9/10)

wiringman - how do you pickle your jalapeno peppers? I have quite a few this year. I think the Ball Blue Book has a recipe, which I haven't checked yet.

I sometimes freeze peppers in small 1/4 pint jars - in citric acid/salt - touch of vinegar after charring/removing outer skin. They can be easily removed after slight thawing on the defrost cycle of the microwave.


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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Air drying can aways cause spoilage when attempting to dry whole peppers. Either use a dehydrator, or cut them in halves and dry in a dehydrator. The ONLY thing I air dry are salami and pepperoni, which have the necessary nitrite added.

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dogear6(7 / Richmond VA)

I made the pickled hot peppers from the Ball Book. They aren't bad, but a bit puckery for my taste. I think next time I would add a small amount of sugar to take off the edge.

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wiringman(ZONE 4)

Hi Bejay,

i used the ball book but i did soak my sliced jalapenos in a salt brine over night. 1 cup of salt per gallon of water.

i am looking for the way the Mexicans do theirs.

i was at the home of a Mexican friend and his wife put a bole of pinto bean and a jar of hot stuff in front of me. it was to die for.

i don't know what the stuff was called but it had jalapenos and carrots in liquid. there were just a few carrots and jalapenos in the jar but the liquid was very good. i would like to learn how to make that stuff. so if there are any Mexicans out there that are willing to share that knowledge with me please do.

this years pepper have been way hot and i did not notice that much pucker from my peppers. maybe the salt soak toned them down.


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KenÂs point about spoilage always being an issue when air drying. Thicker shin peppers like Cherry, Jalapeno, etc. are especially prone to rot when air drying. ThatÂs why (so the legend goes) the Aztecs dried their Jalapenos in Pecan fired ovens to preserve them Chipotles. Spoilage is less of an issue when air drying thinner skin peppers (ex. Cayenne).

bejay9_10Âs suggestion to use a dehydrator is bang on (unless you have a smoker). Of course cutting them in half to dry reduces time and risk.

Best of luck in future drying,


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joe711(z6 PA)

Thanks to everyone who responded. I put some of those Cherry peppers in my Dehydrator yesterday and they dried beautiful. Just the way I wanted them to. My father, who has been gone for 7 years, would buy these kind of peppers already dried and would crush them into scrambled eggs. I loved them as a kid. Now I can do the same thing. Thanks again for everything, Joe

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Its hard to find sweet cherry peppers that are pickled. I grew these and made a sweetened brine and pickled them two years ago.

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