New babies

rennflJuly 20, 2014

After holding off for a year in acquiring new Hoyas, I've been on a binge the last 4 weeks. I've gotten 20 new cuttings, one which one rotted. Of the remaining 19, 11 have already rooted. (And I have one more order of 12 on it's way) Plus yesterday I finally potted up my davidcumingii x ? seedlings into individual pots. Have 31 of them now.

These are all "inside" on the lanai, where they are protected from slugs and snails. I have a LED grow light, and windows are open to allow air movement. Average humidity this time of year is about 60% during the day, 70+% at night or when raining. Typically gets to 85 - 90 degrees during the hottest time of the day. Our nights these days are in the 70s.

In the middle of the picture I also have some plumerias that I started from seed, and one Burmese Blue banana plant from seed (the rest of the seeds haven't germinated yet)

I thought some people might like to see how others root their Hoyas. Plus see what seedling Hoyas look like.


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Looks good, Renee! I see a caudata in there. Love it. I also got it this year (along with 70+ other new cuttings, but who's counting!?)

Are you in Florida? I am surprised there is a need for extra artificial light in the lanai there.

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Congratulations on babies! They look good.

The Caudata also caught my eye :) Its a lovely show stopper! Good luch with all your plants. Keep us posted on your next ones tool

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Thanks Teisa, and I just found out my next group arrived at customs last night. Hopefully it will clear quickly without problems.

GT- no, the lanai has a roof, and considering its summer, very little light comes through the sides directly. So that why supplemental light is needed.


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They look terrific! I hope you'll take another picture of them at the end of the summer so we can see how fast a new cutting develops in your conditions.

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Wow, that's a LOT of cuttings to keep an eye on! You have to watch the new ones so close, I can only handle about 15 or 20 at a time. Of course, I put my rooting Hoyas in the GH, where it's hot, as they root very fast in the hot, humid environment. But when it gets like it is now (we hit 100 yesterday, I believe...), I have to check rooting and newly rooted cuttings every day. I'm sure you're probably using a much more temp controlled environment...

BTW, Renee, I love the little DC babies! They are sweet! You don't have any idea what they crossed with? It will be interesting to see how they develop...

Denise in Omaha

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GG- thanks, I will try to remember to take a pic at the end of summer. Don't forget that is around November down here :)

Denise - really, since I start all of the in S/H, they don't take much care. I just flush a couple times a week. Since I started this post 2 more cuttings have started rooting. Yes I keep track of how long it takes :) and I just checked on my order I am waiting on. It has been dispatched from Miami customs. Yay!

No, I didn't do the pollination myself, so it could be selfed, or not. I'm not sure how cross species compatible Hoyas are, and I haven't checked into section compatibility. I did have a variety of other Hoyas in bloom at the time, especially the smaller flowered ones like memoria and lacunosa. I do get a decent amount of pods through the summer though, I just don't capture them all. I actually saw a butterfly with the pollinia on its leg last summer. Was pretty cool.

Anyways, since I didn't do it myself I list it as ?, comes from my orchid background where parentage is extremely important, so you don't assume selfings.

Also, you can't tell from the picture, but the baby leaves have a shimmer to them, like cagayanensis does. They are very pretty.


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Seeing that butterfly would have been very fun!

My Aleya seeds never showed up⦠lost in the mail, I guess? That's a disappointment - I was interested in the experiment.

I enjoy doing some seeds every summer, whenever a friend gives me the opportunity. Of course, there's always a nervous moment when you have more baby plants than you bargained on, but there's nothing like seeing a Hoya develop from scratch.

Although it would be great to be strategic and know what you're looking at, selfing is a fun little evolutionary experiment too. It's so interesting to see how the genes are expressing themselves and guess what you are looking at. I got some 'serpens x ?' seeds from a friend that have turned into the most adorable flat of mini carnosas - with very heavily spotted leaves about the size of a quarter. It's like "Honey, I Shrunk the Hoya!" Can't wait till they bloom.

Haha summer until November. I'm a winter baby, so after this sweltering week, fall can't come soon enough!! I want to be cold again!

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Ooop! I spoke too soon! Aleya seeds arrived today. That makes them 16 days old, from time of harvest. So this will be a true seed-challenge experiment, to see if any germinate.

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I'm with you, GG. I'm almost winter hungry at this point. Let's just say I'm a little droopy =/ I may have to con you out of one of those mini carnosas when they're good and established - they sound absolutely adorable! How I wish I could grow from seed, though it doesn't make much difference since I've only gotten two seed horns in all the years I've grown Hoyas. Do you hand polinate? Or do you get your seeds from vendors?

Renee, could your DC have crossed with cagayanensis? Have you gotten yours to bloom? I've had mine a LONG time and it's never even hinted at blooming. Grows like gangbusters, but that's it...

Denise in Omaha

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I get my seeds from generous friends. :) If I saw a seed pod on one of my plants, I'd think a unicorn had dropped by to pollinate it!

And I'd be happy to give you a mini-carnosa on our next trade.

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GG- congrats on the seeds. Let us know how they do.

Denise - yes my cagayanensis blooms quite a bit, I don't remember if it was in bloom at the time, but it is certainly possible.

And I got my new Hoyas today. They arrived yesterday, but as the package required a signature, it wasn't delivered. Unfortunately the guy from the USPS that delivers signature required packages, never actually knocks on the door, he just leaves the note in the mailbox, we had to go pick it up. (My husband has caught him doing this twice and complained, but no one really cares.) My son got it for me today. I did take pictures, and I'll try and get them posted this weekend. But overall, I'm very pleased. Some are yellowing a good bit, but really with the heat this time of year, that isn't surprising. All of them are very generous of size, I've got the LECA soaking now, and I'll get them all potted up tonight.


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So here are the pictures from this week.

The box as picked up by my son. It was somewhat crushed and it looked like it had been opened and retaped. I started to open it before I remembered the pictures. oops.

This is what they looked like as I opened the box and I just removed the phyto paperwork.

And this is them all spread out on the floor. The one on the lower right side that is yellowing, has since lost it's leaves, but has also started new growth. So I think it will make it.

I was surprised to find them so well rooted, in the spag, but I know from previous experience, that existing roots don't convert real well into my way of growing. So, I took a cutting of each and have started them for rooting my normal way, in S/H, and then I took the remainder of the plant, and potted it up in LECA, small cups.

One of the cuttings has already started rooting, (in 3 days), the rest look fine. As for the rooted sections, so far they all seem fine.


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