Ontario has PIPS

josephines123 z5 ON CanadaApril 20, 2014

Well, the pips are starting to show...in the ground and in some pots! I took my list around and checked off all the potted ones that had tags on them, noting whether pips were present (with a check mark) and RO (roots ok) beside those that had no pips yet ... you may recall that I potted approx. 3/4 of my hosta stock last fall.

H. 'Sagae' and mama P. look like they are trying to walk out! Lots of surface roots coming up for air, lol. Tall Twister, Blue Cadet, Golden Scepter, June, UA, JOTN to name a few.

Now that I've seen they are ALL ok (potted ones) they can take their sweet time coming up..the longer the better. I'm just very relieved that the only loss is Dream Queen.

Here's a pic of Tall Twister (OS) pips.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Here's my list, dirty, wrinkled and very used but handy! Needs updating to include new for 2014. I jotted EE and LE and F where applicable to remind myself which were early emergers, late emergers and fragrants.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Sagae slowly emerging - a few pips so far, lots to come yet.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I bet that's a wonderful sight. Spring is really going to come.




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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Thank you, Bk! I surely will enjoy!


P.S. I'm not concerned at all, but would you be able to comment on those surface roots? This is the most I've seen over the years - just curious ... Is it typical of an older plant coming out of dormancy, the thaw and all. I DO have loose soil in my beds. I figured they are just reaching for air and warmth as they awaken.

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Nice, Jo. Here they come. In answer to your question about surface roots, check out what Mr. Bruce Banyai wrote on this thread started by BKay a few days ago. It's the 9th post down.

Don B.

P.S. I'm pretty sure that's what hosta lists are supposed to look like, Jo: Like they've been outside : )

Here is a link that might be useful: Am I Planting Too Shallowly?

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

Glad to hear your hostas are emerging. Your list is a good idea. Each year I try to remember which hostas emerged first, but I don't seem to be able to recall. Sounds like I need a list like yours!

Lots of my pots are waking up. Now where to put them so the squirrels don't dig in them. In ground hostas just beginning to emerge. I am a bit worried about a few of them. The ground seems to be rather wet, probably from all that snow. I am hoping that the sun and warm temperatures will allow the soil to dry and stimulate growth. Maybe tomorrow?

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Yea!! Good for you!! I am still anxiously waiting on Wheee to turn into pips and unfurl. And all my others.

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Plus, Jo, I quoted what Chris said in printed instructions about planting dormant HOSTA. He gives this out with every shipped order. Tomorrow I could quote it again, but not now as I am on my tablet in bed, a closet forum reader.

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

Glad I am not the only one going around my garden with a clipboard and my list.
I have only seen pips on one hosta so far, but it certainly is a sight for sore eyes! Every year I count my pips on each hosta and this helps me to see their rate of growth and to determine if they are happy in their locations.
I cannot wait to start counting, it has been a very long winter!

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Pips are finally starting to appear here, too. I hadn't thought about counting them. Maybe on the younger and more precious plants; Some of the oldies like S&S have so many I'd never be able to keep them straight.

Bet you're happy to see those signs of life.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Ditto to all, Paula! Going around with the list brought much needed peace of mind.

I did notice the absence of some name tags. If I look at my pics, I'll find the pot Wheee!!! is in. Sure enough - Brandy, it looks like its on its way to liftoff! whee!

Don, kind of you to remind me with the link, not only had I read it, but I bookmarked it, AND also posted on that thread! This was definitely a "senior's moment" for me. Uh oh...I imagine there will be plenty more of those moments as time goes on ...... I DO have the excuse of suffering through my migraine on Sat. And Sun. (think that'll work?) : !

Bruce's comment that he loves to see surface roots, potted or in the ground (as the ones I mention are) answers that question just fine :-). Cannot get any better endorsement than that now, can you?!

NHL you must be enjoying the mini greenhouse! Earlier pips right? As my "list" grows I'll be relying on it more and more. I have a legend at the bottom of the list that indicates what the otherwise-cryptic notations stand for.....
1. year purchased 2. vendor/supplier then of course my short forms EE, LE, F, L, V, VG and I just thought to add the month in which blooms appear.

On a separate list I have historical information...originator/hybridizer, year, genealogy ... If I write it down I am more likely to remember and don't have to look it up as often. It's also my own way of appreciating someone else's outstanding/important contribution to the world of hosta. As I admire my LSM I mentally thank Mary Chastain for such an outstanding hosta, or Mildred Seaver for Spilt Milk or Walters Gardens for June and so on.

My appreciation for, and knowledge of hosta has grown exponentially and this is the perfect time for me to acknowledge that Barbara Jo aka MoccasinLanding has had a most positive influence in this regard. Most often than not, when she posts, or introduces a new hosta (which she does on a VERY regular basis, lol) she includes some anecdote or history that finds its way into my memory banks. I am sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.

There are so many members who generously contribute to this forum, many of them unsung heroes to whom I am indebted for all the help and knowledge and experience they've provided.

Today seems like a good day to give thanks. THANK YOU.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

MadPlanter, I'm ecstatic about it, thank you!

I actually started counting eyes on the very "younger and precious" ones as you mentioned. Now I count them all - I lost old information to a computer crash so am starting anew from last year. this looks funny but I thought of a string to help me count...a very loose version of tic tac toe......this hosta isn't that big but for demonstration purposes, it serves.

I figure if I'm proactive I can avoid problems early on - some larger hostas don't advertise "decline" as easily as smaller ones.

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

I have two lists as well. One for the clipboard with the name and number of pips for the year before and a blank space for the current year.

The second list is on an excel spreadsheet on my computer. It has the Hosta name, colour, type, preferred sunlight (some are more sun tolerant than others), slug resistance, size, flower colour, bloom time, leaf description, plant characteristics, unusual features, hybridizer, year introduced, year I purchased, where I purchased, main awards that it has won or distinctions, and a column for my own notes.

At the bottom, I have a list for ones that have died :( Fortunately with more experience, the annual percentage has decreased. Most of the ones that died were in my first couple of years. I have since repurchased and rectified my errors which usually had to do with location, crown rot, etc. and the newer ones are doing well. This year, I am quite concerned, but time will tell...

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


there is a bad joke in here somewhere..

and for some reason.. today... i am having second thoughts about it ... lol.. whats that all about ...



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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

I am a relative 'newbie', compared to some of you veterans. I have been growing since 2008, so I wanted to chart the progress. Considering that I only have 125 this is still quite manageable.

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I THINK everything here has begun to emerge, with the exceptions of Fortunei Aureomarginata (always a late riser here), Tropical Storm (I'll feel good if that one is even alive), Night Before Christmas, Aspen Gold and Fujibotan. I think that's it. : )

Don B.

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Lookee what I got, Jo. Got this from my local 'Guacamole' dealer on Saturday. I already have a 'First Frost', but this was too big and nice to pass up (12 eyes, $10.99). It's so nice to see a leafed-out hosta. My eyes are soothed for now.

Don B.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Hi Ken... Bad joke? Huh? What part of this thread is a bad joke to you? Your comment does not make sense.?

Paula, things are very late understandably...we lost a good month of gardening this year. Some perennials are only about an inch high, many have not emerged yet. It's warming up rapidly though - I hope you are prepared for an onslaught of growth - it's on its way!

I just spent a few hours cleaning up last years growth...I left some leaves on the in-ground hostas in the fall and discovered pips that were not there two days ago...they are almost purple/black and hard to see but they are there. 6 more pots are showing just a hint of pips.... I'm sure you'll have some tomorrow or the next day...

I ran across an old thread where a former member named Papou had posted pics of hostas with growth stats printed on the pics. This hosta grower kept impeccable records! You and I are following a good example I think and enjoying ourselves in the process. :-)


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Oooooh that's gorgeous! Good call, Don....12eyes! You definitely lucked in! And a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do! My main supplier is having a $5 clearance - she isn't open till mid May so I don't know how big the hostas are....let me quote some ... you appear a lot throughout the list, you enabler!

Let me copy and paste...back in a flash....

Hostas / my WANT/NEED list

WALLY'S BULLFROG...related to Krossa Regal
.......Ron Williams at house of hosta for Wally's bullfrog......
Quiet Waters...gotta keep looking
***ON STAGE***- 15$. winner of my Nov. thread. PAULA'S lovely submission....also Paul in Min. 2008 pic of gorgeous OS ... ***First one to get for 2014***
Golden Gate was runner-up but difficult to find here...
Don's thread re top 5 list for 2014
1. Fragrant Bouquet ('cause she is DonGuac's momma)
***2. Rascal ('cause I can't get Golden gate locally) 15
3. Emerald Ruff Cut -long ruffles get me every time. 15
4. Remember Me 15$ 'cause of the poignant story behind it) ...Colleen has beauty
nice beside Aristocrat
5. Giant land Sunny Mouse Ears..avail. @ HC
which may all be bumped now due to the top gun thread submissions, lol !!!

Kaleidoscope...Don has beauty
Lakeside Baby Face....looks like mini Sagae***
Hayuga Urajiro
Paradise Island
Lakeside Breaking News
Hanky Panky
Sun Shower......This 2007 registration of B. Solberg is part of his so-called Longiana series. These hosta are the result from an initial cross dating back to 1997, when Solberg had a H. sieboldiana reblooming later in the year. He decided to cross with H. One Man's Treasure and called the seedlings 'Longiana's', referring to the Tardiana's of E. Smith. But all resulting seedlings grow up to mediocre plants.
Solberg used those seedlings in 2001 to produce a second generation of seedlings, and registred 4 of those seedlings, amongst those registrations Hosta 'Sun Shower', a yellow Longiana.
This plant is an excellent yellow, with nice curly leaves that have good substance.

SQUASH CASSEROLE in honour of Mocc, bless her heart.
Ray of Hope 15$ - like Pieter's streaked elongated leaves, curly

Going to Vanessa's early June...she hybridizes her own - will get some for sure! Posts gorgeous hostas...

look at Paul's post again re ripples, waves pie crust etc.

EBB TIDE ? I wrote this on OHS application

SPARTACUS ....Don has lovely one. So ripply and huge leaves on a young
hosta...fast grower tho.

This list may have to be revisited, many times over!

***Fujibotan...double lavender flowers
Lakeside Mom....streaked
Grey Ghost
*Beet Salad - love beets, so...red here n there to discover ...Steve?
Raspberry Sorbet (Bernd's suggestion)

---------Confused Angel 55 @ HF....hosta Choice has for $45
---------ATHENA w frag. Dbl. white flowers 50 @ HF-------hold off on these as per post...not good bets for breeding, flowers stubborn to open...to think about

Try instead Quesadilla (Guacamole family) and Dream Maker which Cindy has

Golden gate ... Olga
Blue Hawaii ... Olga - got it :-)
Smokey Bear...Olga
Key West...Olga 20

>>>Dinky Donna 15. Get ALL these at same time

Iris Frazier 25 ... Saw gorgeous one on Utube hosta tour...brite yellow quoted centre w narrow bl/ grn. margin

Patricia 5 (for Mom C.)
Fragrant Blue 5...fragrant
Fried Bananas 5...fragrant
Invincible 5...fragrant
Knockout 5
Squash Casseole 10.
Snow flake 5
Swirls 5
Shade Fanfare 5
Swirls 5
Mama Mia 5
Austin Dickinson 5
Chinese Sunrise 5

Cinderella 20
*Cat and Mouse 10
Mary Marie Ann 20.
*Oze 22
*Funky Monkey 15
Mango Salsa 20

Luna Moth
MANHATTAN. gorgeous pink flowers 15
Northern Lights/bright lights
*COLD HEART......frosted lime, corrugated. 15 Shade for lime colour
Dixie Chick...12.99 @ Crooked Creek...late getting this one
Dixie Chickadee 15

(((REMEMBER ME...Coll has gorgeous one
Regal Splendour
Ruffed Up. ((( save for fall, maybe)))
Touch of Class


PRIDE AND JOY - Don R's hosta if I can get over border plus others
* ORANGE STAR. 25. Gone..getting division from Lisa****>>orange marmalade

*WAR PAINT...then looks like Niagara Falls (per NHL) 25
Katie Q
MIRAGE-Beverly's is gorgeous

Sleeping Beauty 15

Note: Slugs don't like PINE NEEDLES.too sharp..get some FROM COTTAGE!

*** Cathedral Windows. 15 Very fragrant
*PAUL'S GLORY. 15. ....HOTY 1999.

Dancing Stars
>>>>>>>Look @ Purple Haze sizes @ Cindy's. also $15

L. Foiled Plot***$75 @ Cindy's - take a look

Snow Angel
Plum pudding
Creme brûlée - may have died :-(
Mini HEUCHERAS - Esther has
Rave On

Lady in Red fern

AGGrand fertilizer. 4-3-3 per HF

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