Cuts and flowers

mitzicos(11)July 3, 2011

How long will take for a cut to produce flowers?

Is there any hoyas that will produce flowers early than others?

Thank you


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Hi Mitzi,

It varies a LOT from species to species. I've had cuttings that were blooming as they were rooting (of course, that means it needs a peduncle on the cutting...), but I've had some I've grown from cuttings that have taken years. And it depends on the conditions you can offer them. I have an old fashioned, all green carnosa I started probably 8 or 9 years ago from my mother's old plant (which she regularly either cuts back or restarts because it gets big fast for her...) I was careful not to take any cuttings with peduncles because I didn't want to cut into her flowering enjoyment. I keep it in a north window, which is probably why (in spite of being fairly large) it still has not bloomed for me. If I put it in an east window, it probably would have bloomed by now.

A few fast blooming species for me include lacunosa, obscura, some of the pubicalyx cultivars, carnosa x obovata, vanuatuensis, multiflora (or javanica). But trust me - they're all worth waiting for and I'm more inclined to grow them for the beauty of their leaves because few of them bloom more than once a year, so it's the leaves you'll spend most of your time looking at anyway.

Denise in Omaha

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Hi Denise,

Thank you for your explanation. I love the leaves also but I'm always expecting some flowers! All my cuts still young to get flowers but I heard that some species takes more than 8 years to bloom..... Hope mine can bloom early!


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All my lacunosa plants started blooming one and a half years after I potted them. They are all in an East window. And they bloom about ten months of the year. :)


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I think it's hard for us to tell you how fast your Hoyas will bloom because it's clear they bloom faster depending on how excited they are about their new home. None of us know what it's like to be a Hoya in Brazil, but I'm guessing it's a lot better than being a Hoya in an apartment in Nebraska. ^_~ So, you can definitely rest assured that the spring after you started collecting seriously, a couple will start flowering, and then a couple more, and then a couple more. So you might have to wait a number of years till they ALL have flowered for you, but you'll definitely start seeing some soon, with the size of collection that you have.

I know a lot of threads have been started about what Hoyas bloom fastest, but it seems to me that certain Hoyas bloom faster for certain people. If I were you, I'd just keep buying the ones that appeal to you, and there are sure to be some amongst them that especially like living with you and bloom fast. They'll probably be different ones than like blooming for me, though.

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