Hoya Foliage

scsva(7/VA)July 24, 2012

Everyone posts pictures of hoya blooms which are beautiful but I'm into hoyas for their foliage.

Please post pics of your lovelies!



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The only two hoyas I have are pretty common but I still love the color variations with each.

Krimson Princess:

Krimson Queen:


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I have these 2 also. Love 'em!

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H. callistrophylla...

Some super-white leaves on 'KQ'...

Who can resist H. curtisii. I lost it after trying 3 times...

H. deykeae (ooo-la-la)...

H. finlaysonii 'Ripple Leaf'...

H. aff fischeriana...

H. fungii..

H. cv. 'Jennifer'...

Of course, my favorite macrophylla...

H. mitrata...

H. sp. Nong Nooch...

My very splashy clone of pubicalyx 'Pink silver'...

Denise in Omaha

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kathybennie(5 Colorado Springs)

Always lovely photos. H. deykeae leaves look so different. Is it a "splash" too, or a variety of it?

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I've seen large EA baskets of Curtisii in lots of places this spring and summer but I've lost them before so I left them in the store Fischeriana is a neat looking hoya. That Fungii is awesome!


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Hi Kathy! I've seen photos of deykeae that don't look as "splashy" too, so I'm not sure if this is just an extra splashy clone or if it's the amount of light I give it. I guess I always assume that it's more about the clone, but I find with my 'Pink Silver', one I grow in lower light conditions has much more silver on it than the one that grows in the GH where it gets quite a bit of light. This seems counterintuitive to me, but it's my experience. I grow the deykeae in about the same kind of light as the lower-light 'PS' - mostly bright reflective light with little actual sun.

As you can tell, I grow mostly for foliage, too, and flowers are just a wonderful bonus.

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Gosh Denise,

I just about swoon whenever you show such a multitude of leaf patterns & textures, never gets old.

Well I've posted these before, but since Susan asked

My new Speckled Obovata 'Silver Spot'

A single, almost perfect leaf: talk about irresistable!

Now a shot of speckled neighbors:

New Obovata on the left & older Speckled Kerrii (formal name unknown)

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Is the 2nd picture a speckled obovata? Gosh, it's gorgeous!

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That leaf on your obovata is so neat! I can't imagine that's a common sight to see, a perfectly round obovata leaf.


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Great foliage pictures!
H. meliflua fraterna

H. IML 1541

H. macrophylla 'variegata'

H. lacunosa 'Royal Flush'

H. globulosa


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Common but still pretty, a KQ w/ baby pink leaves.

Hey Susan,

Yes, the 2nd pix earlier is a closer up of the 1st pix, leaf on the left, both Obovata.

Yea Planto, I thought it pretty cool nothing I'd seen before.

The larger part of the Obovata Silver Spot, from which the above piece came off (thanks, you know who)

A study in why I love KQ


and another

all on the same plant, talk about leaf variability

One of my earliest Hoya loves

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Gorgeous plants, one and all!

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Mine, too, Karen. 'KQ' is what got me started when I was 17... I agree about that perfectly round obovata leaf. I'll get one of those every now and then and they're just gorgeous. But I have to say your obovata has a lot more flecking than mine. I got mine from Cowboyflowerman - do you know where yours orginated? It's a beautiful clone!

Denise in Omaha

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I got mine from cowboyflowerman also and as I've said before, it is a massive grower and has beautiful speckling but I think Karen's has mine beat!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Thanks Ladies, I'll have to check w/ my source where she got it. I'd been so over the moon that she made this happen for me, I'd forgotten to ask. I'll get back to you folks, when I hear.

Curtisii is another favorite of mine (for the leaf shape, which in design lingo is called an Ogee), tho' last year I lost my older one & have recently started a bit more.

I hadn't realized Curtisii was so tricky for people. I grew mine well for a year mounted on bark, but lost patience having to water it every day. Someone in my local club last year brought in a long, fully grown one in bloom (hard to see bloom on that, it's buried in foliage & almost light green in color).

I fantasize over the variegated Macrophylla Denise shows us periodically, I just HAVE to get me some of that. I find the combination of that leaf texture & the variegated color w/ pink blush just, as they say, to die for. Someday!!

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Well I did as I said I would (on the July bloom thread part 2) and got some foliage pics today. My hoyas hang outside under a shade house from about mid April til about mid to late November. Having them situated as they are tends to make for some tricky photography to say the least. I had to twist and turn my body in positions that at 45 I didn't know I could even still do to get some of these pictures and that's why a few of them are slightly out of focus!!!!

#1.H. vitellina (fusco-marginata) IML 0452. these leaves are huge and have a thin black border which I found hard to capture in the photo

#2.H. lambii my all time favorite hoya. The foliage is awesome as are the short lived (24 hours) green flowers which smell of very strong vanilla

#3. H. retusa looking like something from outer space!!! A neat plant with small snow white flowers having a red center

#4. H macrophylla variegated form. This is a very pretty hoya if you are into them for the foliage!!!! I've found that regardless of how much variegation (red,yellow and green)appears on the leaves, it can all fade away depending on where you have your plant located.

#5. H javanica. This is a plant that I got from Epiphytica nursery in Thailand. I don't recall the EPC # for it or which clone it is as they grow many.

#6. H kerrii EPC 102. This is a new clone of hoya kerrii that I got out of Thailand a few years ago. It has only recently begun to grow. It just sat stationary for almost 2 years and did nothing but come close to dying a few times!!! There's a sister plant to this one with different variegation.The sister has a green center and the spotty variegation is on the outer part of the leaf whereas mine has the variegation in the center with a green border. Sorry the pic is not very good,the plant is much prettier in person.

#7. H latifolia IML 0088. This is a hoya that should be sold by the pound. The leaves are as large as a dinner plate and almost as heavy!!!! The flowers come in a tight perfect ball about the size of a softball.This was one of those tricky pics to get!!!

#8. H. acicularis. This hoya has needle like foliage and i've found it a bit tricky to grow but knock on wood this which is my second plant is growing quite well. The first one was very short lived!!!!

#9. H. polystachya IML 1410. This is another one to grow for it's foliage. The leaves are HUGE!!! It apparently takes a long time to bloom though as i've had it for quite some time and never seen a flower. It's also a rather fast grower.

#10. H. kerri albomarginata. there are 2 different kerri plants in this picture. To the left you'll see the very heavily speckled variety that was sold by Asiatica nursery a few years ago under the name H. kerrii "Silver Heart".

You'll notice on the kerrii albomarginata that there's a lot of varied color leaves. Some being solid yellow some being half green half yellow and all variations in between!!! All of these leaves are growing from a single stemmed plant. I have been so tempted over the past few years to remove that entire branch with the solid yellow leaves to see if it'll continue to make yellow leaves if removed from the mother root stock. I don't want to risk it though so I just leave it alone and it continues to grow as it has.

#11. H. tajadasmalangensis. Try saying that 10 times as fast as you can!!! This is one of those hoyas that should be grown for it's lovely foliage as the flowers are not overly impressive. This leaf is the size of a small boat!!!!

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I know it's not a hoya but while I was taking the pics of the leaves, I thought i'd get one of my Red golden pheasants as well. This was not an easy pic to get as they would not stand still for a second while i tried to snap the shot. You'll notice that the bird in the middle is all fuzzy,she's shaking a piece of grass that I had just given them!

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OMG! DMichael (but I think you're David) Awesome foliage and it's so hard to pick a favorite. That new Kerri is to die for!

I like all hoya foliage but my favorites would be the large, succulent, glossy leaves.

The pheasants are beautiful and so colorful!! What a treat!

There is a small tajadasmalangensis on Ebay but it does not look like yours at all.


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Susan, i'll answer to david or dmichael. My middle name is michael but everyone calls me david.

That kerri is much prettier in person. This one seems to be a bit of a slow grower as well whereas all of my other kerrii's tend to grow rather fast. Altogether I have 6 varieites of it.

I saw that tajadamsalangensis on Ebay as well. I believe ther's some name confusion going on with this one and there's several ahoyas circulating under this name (who could of guessed!!!)I got mine from a very reliable source though so I feel pretty sure it's the real thing.

I have a small flock of the pheasants. There's a yellow variety of them as well that are just as pretty.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Gosh David,

Your stuff is just breathtakingly beautiful, as is your photography, TFS. Just amazing & clinches that I'll just have to find myself some varieg. Macrophylla.

Hi Susan,

Special thanks for starting this thread, as it's showing me so very many Hoyas I'd never otherwise see. Like that large Retusa looks really other worldly, wow! The darkly veined Hoyas are others I've never seen in person anywhere, so that's of special interest too.

To everyone who took time to post, thanks, it really IS an education in Hoyas!

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Just when I decided to slow down, happy with my (mostly) small leafed Hoyas you guys opened another can of worms! ;) Not like I didn't know that there is whole lot of Hoyas with crazy foliage; I was planning SMALL order from Gardinos or Joni for my "big" birthday with bigger leafed varieties, but after seeing all this it's going to be as big as DH lets me buy! What if there is cold winter in Miami? I have a tiny house and huge yard and this may create huge problems later!!! Not mentioning hours on computer looking at who has what instead of feeding family, walking a dog, and doing all those things responsible mother used to do...
Great plants everybody! :o)

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Great photos everyone.

It's kind of funny for me, as an orchid grower, I freely admit that the leaves of many (most?) orchids are just not attractive - interesting, sometimes fascinating, but not attractive. I grow orchids for the blooms and evaluate the leaves to determine the health of the plant.

When I got into Hoyas, it was the flowers that drew me in. But as I proceed along the Hoya path, the leaves are becoming more important to me. And many of them are just flat out beautiful.

I've even recently started highlighting the leaves of my Hoyas on my blog. Whenever I get a plant to bloom, I try and get pictures of the whole plant, an individual leaf, the buds and the flowers, because I'm finding each part beautiful.

But I also admit, my goal is to bloom them, not just grow them lol


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It's hard to resist, so I'm posting what I have; H. pubicalyx RHP. For some reason in the winter there were way more colored leaves than now!

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aggie im so jealous! (in a good way) im totally in love with the pubicalyx family, i really want the royal hawaiian purple that you have and i also really want pubicalyx 'bright one'... but more than anything ive been wanting that royal hawaiian purple, it seems like it just has the most amazing colors with both the flowers and foliage.

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I have bought almost all Bob Smoley's publicalyx and although he has bad press for being slow-bless his heart-he's gotten my orders to me within 2 weeks which is incredible for him. He has the best prices and you get a lot of plant for the money.

Also can't forget to mention Gardino's with good prices and a whole lot of plant. The only thing is they have sold out fast. I don't know if this happens with them all the time because I've only found them this summer.

I wouldn't care if any of my hoyas bloom. As I said before I love the leaves and the growth habits.


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Karen's obovata 'silver spot' came from a small nursery close to me. I posted pictures of it here to ask what it was since it was labeled as bella, I was sure that wasn't correct. I do not know the wholesaler that they use but I will ask the next time I am there. The leaves are so pretty, the 'spots' get a pink tinge with more light, more a light green with lower light exposure.

It has taken mine a while to start growing but they are now going gangbusters!

Here is a link that might be useful: Original post

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Your photo of that kerrii is amazing - yet another one I have to try and find. I've got 6 different kerriis myself. The old standard, hairy, veined, albomarginata, reverse variegated, and I just got a silvery splashed one. That one you have is extraordinary! How long have you had it?

Denise in Omaha

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i've probably had that particular kerrii for about 2 years. It has finally just this year started to grow. I think Joni has a variety of H.kerrii similar to this and it could very well be the same, I don't know. I got my plant from Epiphytica nursery. I actually had both of the spotted clones ( from epiphytica)but the second died very shortly after I received them.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Gee, now you guys have me wondering. Last week I saw a plant looking very much like that strangely marked Kerri above (green & white mottled, David's I think). I picked it, up, handled it, decided it was a Peperomia & put it back. Am thinking I should go back & check just in case it's a Hoya.

David, shall I conclude it has the hardened, stiff leaves that Kerris have once they've aged a bit?

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yes the leaves on that clone of H. kerrii do become firm once they are mature,like those of the other kerrii types. I noticed today that the plant is forming peduncles so hopefully i'll get to see it bloom soon.

I took some more foligae shots today to share with you all.This first one is a hoya that I got from Epiphytica nursery,labeled as EPC 145 H. sp. Northeast of Thailand. The flowers in the picture from the Epiphytica website look like acuta flowers so it may be closely related to that species.The leaves are spoon shaped and get a nice red blush when grown in bright light.The plant seems to be a bit of a slow grower and greedy with the flowers as it's had peduncles for over a year now but not a single bloom to date!!!!!

H. Krohniana "Eskimo"

H. Excavata, i'm not sure if this is a subspecies of hoya diversifolia or not. The flowers look identical but the leaves on excavata are huge and paddle shaped

H. monettiae. these leaves are huge and remind me of magnolia leaves almost

I've shared this one before but wanted to post it again with a new picture taken today. Just to show you how varied leaf sizes and shapes can be on a single plant take a look at all of the large leaves in this photo of H. tajadasmalangensis,they are all on the same vine.

these are the tjada flowers

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Wow David, keep them coming!!

This thread is a keeper!!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Oh, we have interloper flowers, I didn't think we were doing that ;>)

No fair David, wasn't the foliage glorious enough? I can see what you mean about that large leaf's resemblance to Magnolia. & the Eskimo, the pattern reminds me of that of Curtisii, but of a different shape.

Here's a bizarre Reverse Kerii, which is perhaps THE most uncoooperative Hoya I've ever had. Does next to nothing in 5 yrs. (2 nodes 2 leaves), grows a third leaf & it's deformed at that; look how odd.

Can you see the subtle reverse variegation?

Here's my Hydro variegated Kerri, another stubborn, less than cooperative participant (I didn't know when I bought it)

Here, it threw 2 leaves which reverted, they were short lived

Here, I'm going to cheat:

Perhaps my favorite plant of all time: not a Hoya, but Polyscias balfouriana, talk about beautiful leaves. I always feel they have the perfect combination of variegation & leaf shape, just perfect in nature by design!

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