Roundup still good?

joyce58(Zone 5 NY)April 25, 2007

Will ROUNDUP still be effective after I had it in the shed all winter?



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robbiezone5(z5 HudsonValley)

hmmm... i don't know. i'm always afraid of using chemical sprays. i keep thinking that they are "bad" for the garden. also, i have a small dog, and i worry that he might be poisoned.

but --- i found a web site for roundup spray, and they have a message forum on their web site! maybe someone there will know? (on the left of this page is a link to "discussion forum").

is it marked with an expiration date?

good luck!

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Funny you should ask. With the glorious weather this past weekend I did a lot of raking and clean up. I noticed a lot of weeds poking through my mulch and grabbed the 1/3 full Round-Up sprayer from the shed.

Last evening the weeds I sprayed didn't show any signs of change. I was wondering the same thing--does the solution lose potency over time or with temperature changes.

Guess it's time for a new supply.

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corapegia(z5 NY)

I dont use even Roundup, especially since the study last summer that showed a much higher incidence of non hodgkins lymphoma in people who use the product regularly. I think I prefer weeds to that.

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jayco(5b NY)

Please don't use it! Not only is it bad for animals and the environment, but the company that makes it (Monsanto) has a terrible record with regard to environmental issue

Here is a link that might be useful: If you're interested

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Yeah: the roundup is still good.
We've got roundup thats 3 y/o and it is still a good killer.
here's an idea though: if you use a lot of round up, don't buy a spray pack, go to your local Ag supplies dealer and get a 20 litre (4.5 gallon) drum with glyphosate @ 4.5mg/l (you will need to convert that to US measurements, it's metric.)
Generic brands are just as good as Monsanto.
No problems for the environment as far as it is concerned (IF you use straight round-up) if you use those small spray packs, they have a bit of extra kick in them, so I wouldn't recommend them. If you do need some extra kick, and you don't plan on growing anything for a few months, I suggest you try putting 10 grams (2oz) of METSULFURON in the mix. It is a granular root killer, great for anything that is resistant to straight round up. (this is what round-up extend has in it.)

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