How to Kill Zoysia Grass Invading My Lawn?

jay1951April 13, 2014

What started out 12 years ago to be a few small round patches on my front lawn has sprouted into huge white areas of zoysia grass overtaking my lawn. It seems that no one knows how to remedy the problem nor does anyone I call have the desire to tackle the job. How do I kill this stuff for good? I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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I feel your pain on Zoysia. I absolutely HATE this stuff. You really need to use a non-selective weed killer. Not to sound like an ad, but I stick with RoundUp. You want something that works very fast, because you WILL need multiple applications in order to feel confident you killed it.

Drench the whole area with RU. Do not cut the lawn at this point since RU is absorbed through the green leaves, so the more green available the better. Then, wait a few weeks and get up close and personal and again hit any green you see with RU. You may at this point want to trim it back a little shorter (maybe cut the top 1/3). This will allow you to see whether there is any green underneath. Wait another two to three weeks, then do it again.

I know this sounds excessive, but you are taking on the Ivan Drago of grasses. You will likely want to remove the dead Zoysia because it is would be impossible to seed through a lawn as thick a Zoysia.

Because this is a very time consuming process, I usually being the process in July. I chose July because: 1) the Zoysia will have FINALLY turned green by then and 2) October is the best time to plant grass seen in Maryland.

Still working on ridding my yard of this weed and perfecting my technique, but it seems to have worked so far.

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