Hostas in Zone 9 (South of I-10)

eahamel(9a)April 28, 2013

So I decided to plant one of my hostas in the ground in a spot that's mostly shady. When I took it out of the nursery pot, I discovered it has a seedling in it!

It's Seboldiana Elegans. The seedling is between the two leaves on the left. It really surprised me, I thought it was an eye but it isn't.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I'm in zone 9b but way above I-10, just 50 miles south of San Francisco. Is that little green thing a weed? Hostas don't branch like that.


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Well, carp. I went out to take a close-up pic of the baby, and something has separated it from its roots. Darn it. Anyway, here's a close-up of the seedling, less its roots.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Looks like a little seedling to me. Congratulations!


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Gesila, yes, seedling, but with no roots any more. Some bug ate it. :(:(

It appears to have a fine root, so I planted it and will see what happens.

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EAH, just saw your post tonight, and it is my bedtime. I also discovered what I THINK is a seedling. Let me find it again, if you don't mind I'll post it here too?

To me it looks like Captain's Adventure. It is growing in the pot with Sam Spade. It does not look like SS to me at all, but it could be a tiny Captain's Adventure. Cute, isn't it?

And I did not think any of my hosta made viable seed last year. But somehow I got this new baby, and I'm delighted.

EAH, do you still have hosta that are dormant? I'm very surprised to have at least a dozen that are, although on some of them I can feel the sharp pips just beneath the soil. I moved those containers into more sunlight and watered them well. Of course, we have fairly good rains.

One in particular is slow this year. Unforgettable. It is just not showing anything. Others are pipping but not making TALL pips. Most of the containers are showing increased numbers of eyes, but I need to compare the size of the eyes today to those of last year......and my extensive hosta photo collection is not accessible (hard drive failure). Only some photos are uploaded to Flickr, but very few of those show such as eye count.

I'll try to give details on which ones are slow to emerge, are still dormant, or have died. I repotted quite a few of the first hosta I potted last year. I learned a lot more about potting media as the year progressed, so the March/April/May arrivals benefited from the repotting.

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Babka, that green thing isn't a weed, it's a miniature basil that survived the mild winter we had. I need to prune it and see if it will come back looking better.

Moc, other than the Golden Tiara, I've bought 2 more this year, and they are already growing. The only ones that show up in nurseries here are in pots. However, after seeing the fantastic pics of June that someone else posted, I found one on e-bay and got it, so I guess I'll have one soon that is still dormant.

I see what you mean about that seedling looking like Captain's Adventure. I'll bet a seed found its way into the pot with Sam Spade. I'd be surprised if they breed true, though. The hybridizing has to be very complicated, like it is with orchids.

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