Wetlands Skunk Cabbage

voicelit(Westchester Ny)April 25, 2006

My wife and I bought a house here in Shrub Oak , Ny. last year. Also known as Yorktown, Mohegan Lake. Westchester County, Zone 6.

Now we want to plant our first vegetable or herb garden.

Thing is : we border a wetland , right in our backyard.

Any idea of how to get rid of " Skunk Cabbage," or what to do with it.

Most of our backyard doesn't have that soggy flood plain feeling .

Have to figure out what amount of sun we get. Seems like " full sun " at the moment, but the trees haven't got their leaves yet. We have about an acre.

What about Blueberries ?

Any vegetables , berries, herbs that also look pretty as they grow ?

Well, those are my first questions , thoughts. I'm a fan of using forums as much as possible to get information. For instance, all the minor reconstruction I've been doing on our little fixer-up.

Thanks for any help in getting us started,

Marty ( ...and Cathy... and Maddie the pup .. and Buffy the parakeet )

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

Believe it or not some folks love skunk cabbage and will trade you for other plants on the plant exchage forum.
As long as where you plant is not soggy you should be fine with blueberries herbs and veggies as they need good drainage .... the high ground is what you want.Good luck .Kareen

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voicelit(Westchester Ny)

Thanks Karen,

Why do people love Skunk Cabbage ? Been told here that it smells something awful if the leaves are bruised.
Soil near wetlands usually have good drainage ? What you mean by "highground " is a bit up the slope from the post rain soggy areas ?


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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

The folks I sent it to did not have our variety growing in their area and wanted to try it where they lived. It really is pretty and comes green so early it is a harbinger of spring. It does smell if it is trampled on .
Yes , high ground meaning away and elevated for drainage from the soggy areas. K

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Skunk cabbage grows where very few things will. You can't grow veggies or shrubs or blueberries in land which supports skunk cabbage - it's just too wet. You could plant marsh marigolds, petasites, primroses,veratrum,filipendula,ferns,willows.
But forget herbs which require full sun and dryish soil. And forget veggies which would rot. And not many garden plants will grow where skunk cabbage will.
To get rid of skunk cabbage (if you must) use round-up. But you're better off leaving it since it doesn't compete with other plants. Try ostrich fern and see how it does.
Iris psuedacorus (yellow swamp iris)and iris versicolor. Forgetmenots if it's sunny.

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Hi Voicelit! My Sister-in-law lives in Putnam Valley, right on the Shrub Oak border. Her property conditions sound somewhat similar to yours, and she's had a very successful vegetable garden after putting some work in. She has a marshy brook on her property, so she located the garden on higher ground safely away from it. She built a large raised bed to help with the drainage issues, and more importantly, fenced it in to protect it from the critters, which are extremely abundant in the area. The fence is both high- to protect it from the deer, as well as dropped about a foot or so underground, to protect from groundhogs, voles, bunnies, etc... She also has a large dog patrolling the premises. Before she built the fencing, she lost virtually her entire crop to varmints.

She grows the usual tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, strawberries, melon, cabbage, lettuce, eggplant and zuccini. Her vegetable garden is too wet for the herbs to thrive there, but she plants them, along with flowers, on the higher ground in her front yard.

Can't help with the skunk cabbage, but hope this helps.


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n757jh(6 north of the Finger Lakes NY)

Hello All,

Anyone who wants some, take mine! I just purchased a home next to a boggy area. These plants are plentiful, huge and healthy. If you can get them out, you can have them FREE!! Near Rochester, NY.


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