Tree ID: pink flowers blooming now!

accordianApril 17, 2006

Wish I had a picture of this tree but I left my camera somewhere (probably right in my house) and can't find it.

These trees seem to grow wild as I have not seen them planted in anything like a purposeful manner in anyone's garden. There are several small ones in the woods near the power lines and there is one growing near my driveway shaded by some evergreens that is about 30' high. It is in bloom right now before the tree leafs out. The flowers are small (1/2" across) and pink, fading more to white and seem to grow right from the branch rather than hanging down from it. There are five separate petels to the flower and the center is yellowish. The trunks seem to like to lean rather alarmingly (the one near my driveway has a trunk that takes an abrupt turn so that it extends almost horizontally to the ground) and branches grow from low down on the main trunk. It is not a halesia and it is not a dogwood that I can tell. It is definitely not one of the ornamental cherries or crabapples or magnolias.

Can anyone tell me what it is?

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corapegia(z5 NY)

I suspect it is a redbud tree. They self seed readily
and grow at weird angles. A village near me has 30-40
growing. I planted one several years ago. The top was broken off by a falling branch but it just kept on growing. now quite a weird shape since it's kind of planted in a bad place (not enough room), still the flowers are great.

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Corapegia, that is a good guess based on the information I gave but I don't think it is. I have several redbuds and this tree's bark is very different (more grey and rough, my redbuds have a smooth brown bark) and the flowers are larger and lighter pink. Also none of my redbuds have flowered yet (usually they don't get going till mid-May) and this tree is just about done flowering, there will be petals like a pink and white carpet on the ground under it by this weekend!

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Wild apple? Up here the shadblow is just starting but that is pure white. Wild apples will be next.

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Oldroser, I am excited, I think it may be a shadblow, I've googled them and they look so much like my tree...except mine is pink. And a lot taller than they usually get apparantly (the wild ones I see tend to be under 20') although one site says they can reach 40' but that size is very rare. I also have never noticed fruits on it but that may be because the birds notice them first!

I have a friend who is a botanist take look at the tree in bloom and she did not know what it was - I think I'll run the possibility of a genetic variation of the shadblow by her. Whatever it is, it sure is beautiful.

Our wild apples are not blooming yet either but will be soon. I love spring!

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I noticed the same pink trees growing next to the road along with the shadbush trees. I have never seen them before! I hope someone can identify it.

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

It may be ornamental flowering plum.

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bernd ny zone5

I had a red and a yellow witchhazel bloom for a month, there are probably pink ones around too.

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cherry blossom?!?!?!

Here is a link that might be useful: cherry blossom tree picture

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