Rooting hoya cuttings without nodes

ines_99July 13, 2006

Does anyone know if you can root cuttings without nodes? I have a few that have one set of leaves where there are nodes, but no nodes below on the part of the cutting that will go into soil. I have a vague memory of rooting some carnosa cuttings this way in the past, but I believe that was in water. The cuttings DO have that rough texture along the stems, bumpy little areas where it looks like roots would come out.

Any advice or comments would be appreciated! I also posted over in Plant Propagation.


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yes, roots will form along branches, roots do not form at nodes anyway so that is not a problem.


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Thankyou. But why all the talk about nodes with cuttings!!

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ema_d(6a Toronto ON)

The place upon a stem which normally bears a leaf or whorl of leaves."

"NODE -- The point on a stem where a leaf or bud is attached."

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ema is right, the "node" is where the new growth will begin but not where the roots will form. It is very difficult if not impossible to make a new plant without a node but not because it won't root.


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I see. I always took it to mean that you needed at least one node UNDER the soil level for a cutting to root - and of course the other node or nodes above the soil level. I HAVE rooted cuttings without nodes in water. Thanks guys.

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read my post and update "starting a hoya from a clipping" Mine had small web like strings on it I assumed were what I call air roots and I stuck mine in the soil making sure one onf those was just touching the soil line, it found its way to the soil and like I mentioned in my update, I now have a small root ball. Couldn't be easier. It may not be the "proper" way to go about it but it worked for me.

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