Late or departed?

linnea2(z5 NY)April 21, 2005

Anyone growing any of these around the H.V:

Persicaria Red Dragon, Crocosmia Lucifer, Gypsophilia,

Eryngium, Kniphofia, Aster Monch and Rudbeckia Prairie sun?

These are new to me as of last year and I wonder if I've lost them?

The Asters and Rudbeckias were all from Northern Duchess Botanical

(are they open yet?) and put on an amazing 3-month show,

the persicarias and Crocosmias were outrageous!

I'd hate to lose them all.

Anyone have experience to share?

I've posted in Perennials as well, but I think the thread is

getting tired.

Happy spring neighbors!

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My ernygiums are up and gypsophilia starting new growth. I don't grow Monch but my Purple Dome, October Skies, Raydon's Favorite and Prof Kippenberg asters are all up and growing. Kniphofia's didn't survive in my garden and I lost all the crocosmia Lucifer's after a year or two.
Northern Dutchess Botanical said they'd be open the end of April or when the customers got too restless - maybe next weekend with luck.

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Everything is showing new growth in my garden, even things on the north side. Did you save receipts?

Did you plant them in fall? I always lose plants planted in fall...not enough time to adjust and grow a strong root system for our weird winters here. I only plant in spring and early summer, now.

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linnea2(z5 NY)

Dang! I want to grow these!
Susan, yes, some of the Kniphofias were fall plantings
but not the Crocosmias (they were from Adams).
All of these were planted in several different places.

Oldroser, do you have any idea why these two didn't make it?
Too cold?

Some things I give up graciously if they don't like it here
but others I'm willing to accomodate if I can
I do have all my receipts

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We've got a border line climate for both kniphofias and crocosmias. I had C. Lucifer for a couple of years and then it left. The kniphofias (Little Maid which is supposed to be hardier than most) bloomed all summer but didn't survive until spring. Too bad - charming plants.

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linnea2(z5 NY)

Hi oldroser,
I'm getting green now, on most of the Crocosmias and Kniphofias, well, maybe half.
Still no sign of the Persicarias, they don't FEEL dead.
Eryngium and Gypsophilia I'm not sure,
I don't know what they look like early on, could be weeds..

Have you been to N.D.Botanical yet?

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