deers and rabbits

schplinkyApril 30, 2007

I'm in Kerhonkson very close to Olive, near the top of the Rte. 3/2 loop. I haven't seen much evidence of deer in my yard, which is on a flat piece carved out of a steep hemlock/pine/mountain laurel etc. slope, or in the very sunny, flat, gravelled former driveway between the back of my house and an almost-vertical rocky slope with raspberry bushes at the bottom. (There are definitely rabbits, however, and we've found quite a few holes in the side yard.) I'm building a raised bed for veggies that's about 20" tall and am considering some kind of critter protection but I don't want to go overboard with an 8 foot fence for a lousy 12' x 4' bed. Then again, I don't want to lose my long-anticipated first crop! Any suggestions?



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corapegia(z5 NY)

The holes might mean woodchucks, my resident just arrived last year and seems determined to stay. I've never really had too many problems until the last couple of years. Now I put chicken wire cages over the greens and whatever they prefer. The deer used to come into my garden in very late fall, they would eat whatever was left in the ground, but I haven't seen them around last two years. Maybe the cayotes are thinning the heard, I hope so.

I have 7 raised beds and I'm thinking of just fencing (3' high) around some of the beds.

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jayco(5b NY)

For a space that small a much shorter fence should work to keep deer out--they don't like to jump into an enclosed area. I would think a 5 foot fence would be adequate. You can use chicken wire placed flat on the ground for a foot or so outside the fence, and weighed down with rocks (or buried) to deter bunnies and other digging critters.

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Thanks for the thoughts - funny, a friend from a bit farther north just mentioned woodchucks as well. That thing my dog chased into the woods last summer was definitely a big fat bunny, but there are indeed a couple of pretty big holes in the yard that may mean something bigger. The same friend also suggested weighing down the fencing from the inside to keep the burrowers out. Now that I've heard it more than once, I guess I better take the advice!

I guess those really were cayotes I heard. . .

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jayco(5b NY)

I live in your area... we definitely have coyotes, we see several every year. I doubt that they do much to thin the deer herd, however. They only kill the infirm animals or an occasional fawn. And yes, I'd bet you have woodchucks! We certainly do. Good luck!

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