Two newbies

laura1(9aTpa,FL)July 25, 2013

I lost so many hoyas during back to back hard winters I kind of gave up and stuck to my really tough survivors. But getting back on the gardening forums has got me excited about hoyas again.
Here are H. pubicalyx cv. chimera and H. macrophylla

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beautiful! I too lost some due to severe illness, and getting back into it seriously now


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It's good to hear you're getting back onto the Hoya horse! Your Hoyas look amazing. I think you'll have a gaggle of Hoyas before you know it! I'd be happy to send you some cuttings to help you get restarted.

Denise in Omaha

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Wow! That Macrophylla Variegated is Gorgeous! Is that a new purchase? That is one of my favorite Hoyas!! :)

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thanks for your offer Denise but I have so many plants that I need to winter protect it gets to be too much. I keep all my plants outside and we have this hot/cold thing all winter so it is a constant dragging them in and out of the house etc. The thing is that those plants that died didn't die of the cold they died from lack of water. Shame on me.

Also...I have a decent source of hoyas that are only $6 and no postage!

FYI Denise I am still growing some plants that we traded a few years back

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I suspect I rec'd some plants/cuttings from Denise some years back, but can't be sure :)

I am interested in a $6 source! Are you able to share?

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there is a guy that propagates hoyas and I assume he donates them the the University of South Florida Botanical gardens. he has a pretty good selection. I don't think that USF ships they have enough to do around there as it is. Most work is done by volunteers. But if you are ever in the area...

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