My Hoya Setup

moonwolf_gwJuly 15, 2010

Hi everyone,

Here's my hoya setup for all of you to see. They get bright shade all day until late afternoon until sunset, for those of you who are wondering for my yellowing leaf problem.

Here's wayetii, facing east on the back steps.

The exterior of the little porch where most of my hoyas are. From back to front are KP, lacunosa and obscura

Interior (not all are seen,this is only the right side)

These are inbetween the swing and the front steps. From left to right are carnosa Chelsea, shepherdii, motoskei and carnosa.

Thanks guys! Hope this helps!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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It looks to me like you have room to put all your hoyas inside the porch. I don't know what the inside roof looks like- could you install a curtain rod or something to hang your plants from?

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TigerDawn, I'll consider the curtain rod idea. It sounds like it might work. There are three hooks screwed in the porch where I can hang them (if they're wet and it's going to rain). However, we like to set in the porch (it is not attached to the house). Some I set on the chair or on the floor (the ones in the old-fashioned hangers I either put on the hooks or on a chair).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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If you keep everything up against the walls you may still be able to hang out in there. It looks like a neat place to enjoy all your hoyas!

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AndrewH(z8 Vanc. WA)

Do you bring them all into the house when winter comes?

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Yes, I do bring them in for the winter. This year, it's going to be harder since I got more hoyas! LOL

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Just in case you are unable to get them all inside this might be an idea for you. Denise was very right when she said that my hoyas might get too much mid day sun when I asked about putting them outside in an east area. I went to Lowes and picked up some shade cloth. I think they called it awning cloth/dog run cloth which they sell as 6 feet wide by how ever many yards you want (cut to size, I got 1 yard and made 2 of these for both sliders, the other one houses orchid cactus) I didn't need much because I only made it a little bit wider than length of the hangers. There are 2 hangers holding up an aluminum pole (it was a few dollars but a rod of any kind could work as long as it's strong enough) I put a small thin dowel of wood in the center to keep the cloth straight. It's thumb tacked to the house and the cloth is put on with clothes pins. Not fancy but it works fine. It gives the hoyas some sun but stops any of the mid day sun from shining directly on them.

Yes, in the foreground that is one of those cd towers holding orchids. I found it at the salvation army and attach the orchid pots with office type black clips. Also Lucy, one of our kitties.

Good luck with your plants!!

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AECat, your plants look very lush and green! What hoyas do you have? I think I see a carnosa and a compacta? Correct me if I'm wrong. BTW, I'm in PA too.

I think I can manage to bring them all in for the winter. There is a bathtub we don't use that gets good light from a skylight and a small west window. I have room indoors for all of my hanging plants so the trellised pots were the only ones I had to worry about spacewise.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Hi Brad, I'm on the NY state border up in the mountains. Since Denise hinted that I might have a sun problem I kept an eye out and caught them in time. We're also having our usual very high humidity daily which you probably are too. They seem to really like, I'm definately not as happy as them lol. I've got 3 that haven't bloomed for me yet - a hindu rope, carnosa, compacta. The Tsangii (?) and a Lacunosa have bloomed. The Lacunosa is blooming now, loves it outside and is getting a bit more sun because it doesn't seem to affect it as much. I'm hoping that a bit of outdoors during our short summer will help bring the others into bloom!

I would Love to have a porch like you to put my plants on and sit out in. I've got a deck but a roof would be wonderful! It would be so much cooler for everything including me. You've got quite a collection of hoyas and they are all pretty big. Wish I had room for more. Do I see a sedum in the picture between the swing and the front steps? What a beautiful plant, must be gorgeous when it blooms!

During the winter it's always a challenge where to put all the plants. It's amazing the creative places we come up with and how I've found a well placed drop light can help :)

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Yep, we're getting the humidity too. I'm towards the south part. South-central to be exact. My lacunosa is going crazy with all the blooms and budding peduncles! It's the only one that has flowered for me besides pubicalyx Red Buttons (a few months ago). My other plants have peduncles but no buds. Hopefully, I'll be seeing flowers in the future.

The porch isn't very big, only two or three people can sit in there (used to be anyways, before the plants took over ha ha), but it is nice. BTW, Hindu Rope and compacta are the same plant. I have those plants you mentioned in my collection too.

That is indeed a sedum (mom's plant). The flowers are a pinkish-purple color and to see it grow from little green buds that peek out from soil in the spring to this size is amazing! The yard decorations are mom's doing too. Can't you tell I'm a gardening nut?

I'm thinking of renaming the porch into "Moonwolf's Plant Den", "The Hoya House" or "Brad's Gardening Grotto" since it's where I sit to pot up cuttings or new indoor/outdoor plants (I sit on the floor of the porch and set my materials around me to pot up whatever plant/cuttings on the blocks there in front of the porch).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Lacunosa's smell amazing. Ah, hoya names are so confusing. Ok, I've got 2 of the same only a little different lol.

We all need a place filled with plants to call our own. A fun project might be a sign! Enjoy your place of plants Brad :)

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