list of deer proof plants

oldroser(z5)May 16, 2004

The best list I've seen is at

iIt includes perennials, shrubs, trees and list those which are impervious as well as those which are rarely eaten.

A surprisingly long list. One problem is that deer in different areas can eat different things so though they list juniperus communis as not eaten, here it is trimmed back regularly. But a valuable resource just the same.

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I actually saw a book on this subject at B&N today. I think it was called something like DEER IN THE GARDEN... it was just a list of those things that they are less likely to prefer to eat.


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There is another web site I know of. There is lots of info there on plants and shrubs they don't like as well as ways to try (I said try) to keep them from eating the plants you find them eating. I haven't been to the site in a while, but I think it also gives a list of the plants they like and dislike to help you figure out what to grow where.

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valleygirl... I just checked out that website. She's made a lot of changes since I looked at it last year.

She lives about 10 minutes from me, not far from Matterhorn nursery. I was surprised to see her list last year, because many of the plants that were listed as deer resistant were definitely eaten by deer in my yard, not far from where she lives at all. I now see that she has revised this list and says "sometimes eaten" for some of those plants. Definitely a move in the right direction!
The website if very informative and helpful now.

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