Tomatoes planted on Monday

oldroser(z5)May 26, 2006

were: 12 Supersonic, 4 Stupice, 4 Big Rainbow, 4 Opalka and two Kelloggs Breakfast. Still to go in 3 Sungold. The stakes are in and they are ringed with fertilizer so all we need now is warm weather. Last year Stupice ripened its first tomato on July 15th so I'm hoping it's going to be six weeks to the first bright red fruit. Stupice is small, just great for eating out of hand while working in the garden.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

That's quite a collection! I've had my two plants in (one red Brandywine, one green Zebra) for a little over a week and am keeping fingers crossed. This certainly seems like tomato weather.

My two little gooseberry bushes set fruit about a month ago and seem to be ripening nicely. Strawberries are flowering. Nothing yet on the blackberries, though they've leafed out nicely. Basil doesn't look too happy with the recent cool weather; I hope it perks up now. Lettuce and chard are doing great  if they don't bolt in the heat! French sorrel, salad burnet, and chives are already flowering. Most of the seeds I put out a couple of weeks ago to take advantage of the wet weather have sprouted, so I'm hoping for a nice late crop of Tuscan kale and large-leaf basil. May put in some beans before I declare the garden full up for the season.

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