Need Lupin Advice

HeyPearly(z5-NY)May 20, 2004

Hi! I've tried before, and failed miserably with Lupin.

Are there some basic Lupin requirements that I can follow? There's not much in my gardening books, and I just bought 5 more to try again. I know they can do well here in the Valley, a neighbor has them and they are magnificent. She has no idea how or when they were planted. Maybe they were there when she bought the place.

My property is big enough and sited so I can put them where

they'll do well. I've got full sun, part sun,part shade and full shade. Moist,dry,rich and lean soil. What's the secret?


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ljama98(Zone 6 NY)

I'm definately no lupin expert...only grew them once, but I did read recently that they do much better in cool summer climates. Definately not typical Hudson Valley weather! I'd put them in a place that gets atleast some shade in the heat of the afternoon, but they do need sun to bloom. Some pointers that I also read were: when you buy them look for ones in 1 gallon containers as they have long taproots and don't handle small containers well. Try not to disturb the roots too much when removing from the container to plant them (also because of the taproot). Soil doesn't seem to be so important, but keeping them as cool and moist as possible seems to be the key.

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joy4me(z6 NY)

This is my first year with any success with Lupins. I have friends who grow them in large, beautiful clumps year after year. But, this year I bought a full size plant instead of a seedling. I only bought one, just to see if I could grow it!

I was told, sun to part sun, neutral to slightly acidic soil that is light and very good drainage as they don't like too much soil moisture. I hope mine continues to do well. I have my first flower just now. I will get more IF this one makes it through the summer, fall and winter. Then in Spring, IF it comes back, then I'll get it some siblings....LOL

Good Luck!

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Mine gets early morning sun and shade most of the day until late afternoon when it gets a little late afternoon evening sun. Soil is loose and amended with peat moss and perlite. If it's ben dry out I water them. Mine are purple with white edges.


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audunsmom(z5 NY)

Oh - I am so glad I saw this thread! I just bought one Lupin (it was the only purple one the lady had), and was about to plant it in a southern exposure sight! Full sun all day long! Now, I have the perfect place for it! I would have killed it for sure if I hadn't read this!

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enjayare(z6 NY)

It depends what part of the Hudson Valley you are in. If you are in Westchester than lupines just aren't happy but in the Catskill area they thrive and are gorgeous.

They need the cooler weather.

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