Phantom Gardener in Rhinebeck

susanzone5(z5NY)May 25, 2005

I took my first trip to the Phantom Gardener nursery in Rhinebeck. They are an upscale place. Their indoor stuff looks like a NYC department store. Very classy. And very expensive. Just over the bridge on 'my' side of the river, Adams has some of the same plants for much less.

BUT, the selection is amazing. They have unique plants that I couldn't resist, and ended up spending $50 on a few things like opuntia cactus and a huge blue flowered salvia, among other things I've been lusting for. They have row after row of any perennial you could ask for (not every cultivar, though) and a greenhouse full of unusual annuals that look like they were fed growth hormones.

It was worth the visit. I didn't even look at the millions of flowering shrubs, which I have given up on because of deer.

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linnea2(z5 NY)

Hi Susan,
I just went there yesterday and bought a bunch of very quirky stuff
I'm all excited about.
One thing was a European Mountain Ash I've wanted for years.
It was 95.00, as opposed to Adams' 130.00, 9' tall either place,
so some things are actually less there, including a large glazed dark russet pot,
of a size that ranges 20.00 more at H.D and Lowes.

I also got some little St.Johnswort shrubs (the deer never touched my species one)
with variegated plum foliage, very cute!
They had another variety with blue (!) seed capsules, which I resisted,
this time...
They gave me a bunch of "Phantom dollars", redeemable in July.
I was going to proceed to Northern Duchess after that, but my car was full ;o)

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I wanted to go there too, but one garden place a day is plenty for me. LOL.

I've never been to Dutchess botanical gardens. It's high on my list.

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