Coyote Urine ....Woodchucks!

joyce58(Zone 5 NY)May 25, 2011

Yupp, its a real woodchuck problem! We have 4 babies and a Mom.....Fencing and a big dog are not possible and I have tried cayenne pepper, and Repels All....Trapping them is also not a possibility at this time....Have been considering Coyote Urine...Has anyone had experience either way with this deterrent? They love my perennials too much !~


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jayco(5b NY)

Good luck! If it does work I'll be interested to hear about it. However I admit skepticism. Them woodchucks don't seem very easily deterred in my experience. Let us know what happens.

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Try your own urine. It worked on my brother's garden.

Even if it does not work for you it will not cost you anything to find out...

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Coyote urine is fake. Do the math - every Agway in the US sells "coyote urine", not to mention thousands of other stores. You'd need vast thundering herds of coyotes, not to mention an efficient method of collecting their urine, to supply all that stuff. So where are they getting it?

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The coyotes are kept in cages and their urine collects under the cages.

The best way to get rid of woodchucks is a large havahart trap baited with cabbage or other veggies. Drown them when caught. Or, a shotgun works. You can't outsmart a woodchuck.

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What Susanzone5 said. There is no way for a gardener to co-exist with woodchucks.

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