One tough Hosta!

jadie88(7 MD)April 7, 2013

I discovered a happy little surprise in the garden recently! It all started 3 weeks ago when my husband came home with a box of bare root hosta from a big box store. They were already starting to come up, so I potted them up, and when I brought them in three days later due to our freezing temps, 7 of them were leafing out beautifully. The eighth had been pilfered by heaven only knows what (we have rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and curious young kids around, so any plant damage is a who-dunnit mystery). The entire root was just gone, only an empty pot remained. I kinda shrugged it off...

Now, fast forward 10 or 12 days...I was raking out a new bed when lo and behold I found the runaway hosta root! It was about 30 feet from its pot, dry as a bone, and its fledgling growth had been nibbled on AND frozen for several nights. I had a pot of water where some dicentra roots were soaking, so on a whim I tossed the hosta in. The next day I tucked it in a new bed next to the bleeding hearts while my husband chuckled at my unfailing optimism. :)

You know where I'm going with this: the tough little sieboldiana is putting out new growth! This little hosta survived 1) being bagged too long on a store shelf, 2) being hosta-napped by...something 3) being munched on by said "something," 4) lying out on the ground, totally exposed, for over a week, 5) freezing temperatures and little rain throughout the whole ordeal. It was our little hosta resurrection just in time for Easter! ;)

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Such an indomitable spirit and will to live.
A sieboldiana......well, it could just be Invincible!!!!
Hope it makes you proud this year.

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I hope my potted- hosta mishap has a happy ending. Thanks for sharing your story

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Gotta love Hosta!

Don B.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Jadie88- Great story. Aren't hostas simply wonderful? They really just want to matter where they are. (Even in KEN's driveway) Just be sure you read up on HVX which is very common on big box hostas.

Even when I've had a large hosta bite the dust from rot, there is ALWAYS a tiny little eye with perhaps a couple thin roots that wants to survive. Not much more than a first year TC, these plants really want to survive. Well, except for one that costs over $40. That one will disappear or revert to something plain w/o any warning. Even then a Hostaholic will try it a least 2 more times to make sure it wasn't something THEY did rather than the plant's fault. Ever the optimist.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ok.. babka's down to repeating two of my mantras.. the driveway .... and the suicide.. lol ...

i feel honored ... she made my day ....


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