Companion plants outside raised bed-Effective? (Advice)

tristateMay 21, 2010

I know there's a forum for companion planting but no one there responded and this group is MUCH more responsive :) so here goes..

Companion plants to ward off pests (marigold, nasturtium, tansy etc.) are supposed to be planted nearby. But how close and does it matter if the companions are planted outside the frame of the raised garden bed?

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good question, but I don't know. I would guess it would still work. It's not like they have to be touching right?. Give it a try.

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I would plant inside and outside of the bed to be on the safe side, I use marigold's.. Good Luck

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nycynthias(Z6 NY)

I spend a lot of time in the potager forum and this seems like a question tailor made for them! In my opinion, anything within about 3' of one another will benefit (or suffer) from the synergies of companion planting. Of course I have very little evidence of this, LOL, but in my experience that is the case. I like to stick nasturtiums in the corners of some raised beds so they spill out onto the gravel (which I use for paths in my veg garden).

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