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beth7happyJuly 30, 2014

They do creep up on you unknowingly, right?? It all started about 50 years ago, give or take. A friend's mom offered me a very small plant so, of course, I took it home and put it in the house...forgot about it, but my folks did not! They cared for and nurtured that plant..I remember it got huge. Long since they left the homestead and have moved on to much Higher Ground! sisters have been keeping it going. I'd really pretty much forgotten about it til I visited one sis about two years ago..realized that it was the plant from 'WAY back when and brought a cutting home with me...snipped it into four or five pieces and stuck them on my patio. It was at that point that I realized I already had three or four different hoya (how did THAT happen!???) so these new ones from my heritage now joined a growing family.

Really, I've not paid much attention...they are lovely and give fragrant flowers...have had birds nest in them...easy care and green. What's not to love!?? But, now I suddenly realize that in this love affair, I don't know much about them!! first question is:

How long are you supposed to let those tendril or branches, or whatever they are called...get?? I have some dragging on the ground..I wind them up and around and around...all kinds of tangles! Is there a rule book for the proper care and feeding of hoya????

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Not really, Beth. Whatever it takes to keep them growing/climbing/flowering is what it comes down to. Water, feed (fertilizer) and give good light and they are happy-happy-happy. Sounds like you've got the routine down. Congrats on getting the full gamut!

Denise in Omaha

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You must really like the general look of Hoyas to end up with so many sneaking into your house anonymously. I am like that too. Something about a vining plant speaks to me.

Most people who grow Hoyas in hanging baskets do as you do and throw the long vines back up and over the basket. If you have less space, or prefer a more orderly look, you can grow them around a hoop. Others grow them on trellises or secure the vines around window frames. There's no point in cutting the vines back unless you need to reduce the plant's size. The plant's plan is, of course, to grow you out of house and home. ;)

I feed my Hoyas Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro with every watering. I don't use a bloom booster.

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wow...fertilizer. Novel idea....i'll try that once in awhile!! So, I'll just wrap the strands...doubt we'll ever make it to a hoop, tho!! and I guess I do have a propinquity towards vines and unkempt!! There's not enough fence in my back yard for all that Id like. (and my neighbors HATE anything 'hanging over'), I think, so far, I only have 5 different hoya, tho...

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There is nothing wrong with a wild look. The Hoyas like it better if you let them grow where they will.

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