July Blooms 2: Bloom Harder

greedygh0stJuly 20, 2012

I don't have any particularly interesting photos to share at the moment, but I am determined to start a new July Blooms thread before the load and scrolling time get any worse. Sorry if it's confusing that I'm responding to remarks in a different thread - I just couldn't stand it any longer! The original July Blooms thread is found here.

I don't have too much of interest going on other than the steady bloomers, but the EPC-229 buds finally started opening last night. I think I finally got its tough scale infestation whipped, but it blooms so much it doesn't grow...

I rooted a few javanica cuttings recently and, of course, since it's always in bloom, the cuttings had buds forming. They didn't drop during the rooting process, but this one has decided not to open all the way, which looks kind of pretty.

@ David

Haha. Clearly your Hoyas are confused about what color they are supposed to bloom. First the pottsii IML 0022 and now this?! :P I understand Black Dragon is in the process of being published as a separate species (a la Hoya celata, nee Hoya publicalyx White Dragon), so at least there's that.

That macgregorii really is something else. It's a pretty small sphere, right?

@ Tropicbreeze

Well, even if you didn't get your preferred handle (I know just how that feels!) I'm happy to have the opportunity to chat with you here. Your photos of australis in the wild are some of the images I think of most often, when it comes to Hoyas. If anyone here hasn't seen them, I recommend you Google "hoya australis tropicbreeze" now.

Those buds are so amazing. More like lanterns than flowers. Thanks for risking neck and vine to photograph them. I guess at that size, they'll be pretty easy to ID once they're open. ;)

@ Aggie

Beautiful photos again! I just love nectar shots.

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gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)

that second flower is gorgeous....and to flower just post rooting...amazing!

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GG, I'd forgotten about those threads. Did a google and was surprised by how many links came up. I really saturated cyber space with H. australis ssp rupicola, LOL.

Aggie, I got the photos!

Got up very early for my morning walk this morning but didn't look at the Hoya, it was too dark anyway for a proper look. Because my weekend walk is a long one I didn't get back until after 10AM. No breakfast or anything, first on the agenda was straight to the Hoya. And there it was in all its glory. Still can't get over the size of the flowers. Ended up measuring them - 60mm across the flower, from tip of one petal to the tip of the (most) opposite petal. (Are they called "petals" on Hoyas?) The bud that hasn't opened yet was 40mm across. I still feel totally gobsmacked.

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No matter how much you anticipate it's going to be huge, when it does open you're still stunned by the size.

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Now I want a tree full of them, LOL.

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Tropicbreeze: Those flowers are really stunning - so big and yet so delicate! I also want you to have a tree full of them! LOL!

Greedyghost: That javanica of yours is so cute. I like the way the flowers don't fully open. :)

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yes the macgregorii sphere is small, probably the size of a golf ball if that.

Congrats on getting the EPC 229 to bloom.Mine has struggled since I first got it. It rooted quickly and did manage o pt on some new growth but then just as quickly began to rot and i've had to restart it at least 3 times now.

I like the last shot of your H. javanica. To begin with I thought that it was H. telesmoides and I was just about to get jealous!!!!

Tropicbreeze, you say "No matter how much you anticipate it's going to be huge, when it does open you're still stunned by the size."

I'd be stunned if mine would just form buds!!!!! I mean i've only been growing it for about 9 years now!!!!

So i've been slacking the past week when it comes to getting flower photos but it's been busy around here. Today I managed to get out and get a few to share with you all!!!!!

First is H. parviflora. To give you an idea of just how much I had to zoom in on this one to get a shot of it's VERY tiny flowers,this will put it into perspective. The peducnle is as thin as a sewing needle.

H. sp. vitellina IML 1348

H. sp. Thailand IML 1438 (has also in the past been sold under the name (Hat Som Paen with the same IML #)

I hope this doesn't burst anyone's bubble,, but if you have H. pottsii McIlwraith Ra IML 0022 and had high hopes of seeing those very unique to the hoya world (blue/green) flowers as the Liddle's catalog describes them as being. Well I have a bit of bad news for you!!!! they aren't blue green, or even anywhere close!!! I've been growing it for close to 12 years now and it bloomed last year for the first time. Was I ever disappointed when those buds opened??? I had waited SOOO long to see those blue/green flowers and this is what I got!!! Pretty!! but still . I wanted blue/green!!! If they're showing up as blue/green on your screen by all means please let me know!!!! i admit i'm over 40 and half blind but I can still see enough to see what color these flowers are!!!!

last but certainly not least is H. rotundiflora one of my favorites!!!! And I have many!!!!!

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@ tropicbreeze

Haha. Those are some really neat threads. Even though you read over and over again that some Hoyas need a dry season, sometimes you need to see them clinging to an inhospitable cliff for that to sink in.

I agree with Klea. A tree full of those blooms can't come soon enough. It would probably look like cherry picking season before they opened.

@ David

telesmoides. LOL. I can see that. This javanica is apparently the Hoya version of that mimic octopus.

I am so excited to see those teeny parviflora blossoms in person, someday. I love this plant a lot. It kind of makes me laugh because a lot of the time people's complaint about Dischidia is that its flowers are so small and unimpressive. But, there are plenty of Hoya flowers that are just as small (and hidden). You just can't tell when we're all posting macro photos.

Something about the coloring on that IML 1438 is very attractive in a less obvious way. It makes me want a china set with Hoyas instead of tea roses.

Well, at least the yellow on that 0022 seems to have a sort of ectoplasmy color, versus the more unabashedly yellow color of the vitellina. I can see how it might be blue green in someone's conditions.

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@ tropicbreeze, thanks for pictures! Blooms look like made from finest china, translucent in the sunlight!
@ David, I get your disappointment, after 12 years you deserved blue green! On the other hand it bloomed finally, so there is your "cherry on top"! Love perfect balls of H. rotundiflora, one of my favorites, it must look great in combination with rectangular foliage! Had to inspect mine, maybe there is a peduncle growing somewhere...
@ GG, I guess it's time to find H.javanica, after constantly blooming lacunosa I need another perpetual bloomer... I may need to order Milky way from Joni as nobody has regular javanica for sale locally, good I have a birthday coming in the fall and a big one ;) Hope for lots of Hoyas in the mail!

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@ Aggie

Yeah some of these most basic Hoyas are weirdly hard to find outside of trade. I got mine from Violet Barn back in the day. The Milky Way is really exquisite, though. A very different plant. Joni might also have the standard javanica in her collection even though it's not listed. You could always email her and inquire if she'd be able to sell you a cutting.

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actually, javanica IS listed on Joni's site... i had been drooling over her site a few days ago and had remembered seeing it, i just went to double check and it is on there, right above the milky way.

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although u have to wish list it... sorry if i got you excited... just went and checked again, while it is listed it is on wish list....

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Oy vey! What was I thinking?! You're right! :) Thanks, Amber.

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It is listed, but you can only add it to wish list!

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I love the new thread that Susan (scsva) has started for posting pictures of hoya foliage and I will share some but first I have 2 more flower photos to share!!!

Susan, you really don't know what you've started here with that new thread !!!!! I have a LOT of hoyas and many with awesome foliage!!!!! It's too late today to get any pics but i'll try to get some tomorrow.

Anyway here re the new flower photos. This first one had a tongue twisting name. Try saying Juanngoiana 10 times as fast as you can!!!!
H. juanngoiana--I love the mauve/rose color on the corolla tips of this flower.

This is a first time bloomer for me. Actually it has bloomed once before, a few weeks ago but I didn't get to take a picture before the flowers closed up. This time i've made it a point to watch it every day until they opened.
This is H. soligamiana

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GG I'm still wildly jealous of those EPC-229 blooms. The plant that I have that might be that species has yet to bloom but it's one I love just for the leaves and growth habit.

Beautiful photos David. I got the Hoya sp Hat Som Paen last year after seeing your photos. So far it has grown very well and I am very glad I was able to add it to my collection. That Hoya soligamiana is very nice as well. Does it have leaves like Hoya bordenii? I might be getting this one from a friend but I am not all that familiar with it.

Here is what is blooming now. I have more in bud and several that had just finished but I have not been taking photos lately.

Hoya erythrina

Hoya sp Estrella Waterfall

Hoya melifula buds

Hoya wayettii

Hoya sp 25. Not the best photo but these small flowers that are spread apart can be had to photograph.


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I wish GW had a 'LIKE' rather, make that 'LOVE' button to click for each of these photos.
Beauties, all of them!

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Mike if you got the sp. Hat Som Paen last year you ought to be seeing flowers before much longer. It's quite a fast grower and an easy and early bloomer or so it was for me anyway.

To answer your question,yes the soligamiana does have foliage very similar to that of H.bordenii.

I love your erythrina photo!!!!


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Beautiful flowers in this post & the previous one! My Hoya carnosa tricolor is still flowering, but I already posted a picture in my first post here.
Further no Hoya flowering, I had a bud in Hoya wayettii- that I rooted last april, very fast but it fell off. No big deal, I rather want the little one to grow instead of bloom.I also rooted a Hoya australis, got new leaves but they turn black and fell off, I don't know why, but yesterday I saw that one of the penducles is growing and who knows, maybe it will become a flower...


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Depending on which subspecies of H. australis you have, some of them don't like much water.

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GG, the javanica is stunning, will have it in my list.
Tropicbeeze:lovely color of your flowers, do you know the name?
Michael, beautiful picture, love the one 'melifula buds'
and with David, I always have something to learn.
Thanks you for posting everyone.

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You all should be photographers. Great pics everyone!

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*looks at all the blooms and is jealous*

Loving the pics!

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Suetran1, sorry the name was on the previous thread and I forgot to put it on this one. It's Hoya macgillivrayi.

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BEAUTIFUL flowers. All of them.

David, you're right - the H. pottsii McIlwraith Ra IML 0022 definitely looks creamy yellow to me. No blue/green hue to my eyes. Still, the flowers are very pretty.

Are there really hoya with flowers in the blue range?

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I have no idea if there are actually any hoya flowers that bloom in that color range or not. It would be interesting to know though.

I have a copy of the Liddle's hoya catalog right here in front of me this is how the description for that clone of hoya pottsii reads word for word.

IML 0022 Pottsii McIlwraith Ra. blue/green flower,white corona,dark green fleshy leaves. $7.00

There is a good possibility that when I ordered this hoya all those years ago that I got sent the wrong plant. When you grow as many hoyas as the Liddles do and process as many orders as they do i'm sure a mistake could easily be made. Maybe on the next order that I take part in,i'll order this one again and see if the pant that I have even compares to the new one.


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@ David

That juanngoiana is truly lovely. I'm not sure I even know how to say the name once, though...

So, those soligamiana flowers, they are a kind of strawberry orange color? What would you compare it to? The skin of a peach?

You might as well try for another IML 0022. It's a nice pottsii to grow since the leaves are smallish and pretty.

@ Mike

That's a beautiful set of photos. I especially like the erythrina one. Just gorgeous against the dark background. The meliflua buds, on the other hand, are very gorgeous, but with that lighting they look like some kind of alien pods that are going to burst open and drop squiggly fast-moving blood-drinking predators.

Of course, you're used to that, since you grow orchids, which are geniuses at looking like beautiful nightmares.

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