Bugs-Sluga and Ants (what are you seeing?)

tristateMay 29, 2012

What are people seeing so far this season?

Seems there was a spike in carpenter ants which I hadn't seen for about 6 years. Took a trip to HD and hopefully the bug guard has done the trick.

Also, looks like the slugs are breeding. I found a couple of large ones but alot of the little white "baby" types. I hope it won't be a repeat of 3-4 years ago when we had all of that rain in the summer and generally lost a whole growing season b/c everything rotted or got eaten by the buggers!

And finally, I killed 2 stink beetles, 1 in the house and 1 by the outside window. It may be one of those unforeseen benefits of having a very poor sense of smell, but I have no hesitation in squashing them. I have read there are a couple of chemical options being developed specifically for the stunk bug but they're not out on the market yet. Anyone have good luck with anything besides the squishing method?

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lots of nasty creepy bug here too. I'm trying neem. it's supposed to be organic. so far it's not working on the caterpillars... I use bug-geta for slugs. it kinda works but I still see slugs and snails. just not as many. The stink bugs haven't found me yet lol.
I don't like to use too much stuff. I would rather the lady bugs and praying mantis do the dirty work
:) Laura

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hey laura-thanks for mentioning bug-geta b/c I'd never heard of it and now it's on my shopping list next weekend.
I'm going to try to find praying mantis' online. did you naturally have them around or did you introduce them?

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I have the praying mantis naturally. I almost never see the actual critter but find there egg sacks everywhere. I showed one to my son a few years ago and he says he burns them whenever he sees them. He thought they were tiny wasps nests. lol

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I use Sluggo in my garden for slugs. It's iron phosphate in pellets of wheat starch...organic. It works. I got it at Adams.

I came home late one night and saw slugs crawling on top of flowers...easy to pick off at night with a rubber glove and put into a can of whatever (soap, alcohol, salt.)

Been battling a woodchuck all season. I finally GOT it. Nasty creatures are not welcome in my garden.

Ants invaded my house and then disappeared. They're probably eating my walls. haha.

I have a hornets' nest in a tree. Have to find someone to take it away without poison. It's above my well.

Not many Japanese beetles this year...I see them only in my pool skimmer.

Black spot got my roses again. I'm getting rid of them and sticking with Rugosa roses.

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