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emt23(5)July 3, 2012

In my quest to experiment with different hoya's I bought a lot of 10 'fer deals to start out. Mislabeled plants are frustrating at best. I wanted to have some fun and see who else got pleasant surprises out of the process. This was labeled h.latifolia but seems to end up being h.motoskei. ~ Mary

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Wow, latifolia to motoskei. That's quite a... gap!

Where were you getting these 10-fer deals? I've never seen an offer like that in Hoyaland! It actually sounds like fun, even if the results are so crazy.

I am confident there are plants in my collection with the wrong labels, but only in the typical academic naming dispute kind of way. I haven't ever gotten anything that looked different than I expected. I do like to keep a watchful eye on the literature regarding each of my plants, so I can correct/update my labels where appropriate.

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Oh should I say? Florida and Ohio greenhouses! Yes crazy on many levels! For me it was ignorance is bliss! I will have more to come, seems I have a glut of what is labeled h.royal hawaiian purple. One has 2 different color blooms I will post in a bit. I have a labeled motoskei but I don't think so, more of a carnosa. It is entertainment. ~ Mary

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1st bloom of what is labeled black.

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2nd bloom on same plant same window no different techniques of water, etc. A month apart. Label forgive my spell checking! ~ Mary

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I love the philippine black.



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Those are both very striking and lovely photographs, Mary. It's really strange, though. I knew that the corollas can be different colors on the same plant, but I didn't realize that coronas could also be different. That change from red to white is so striking. Were these really produced by the same vine? Or did you buy a potted plant which might have two different cultivars in it?

I started poking around, trying to figure out if I was just ignorant about the blooming possibilities and I found the following quote. Certainly, it is possible for a single species to come in different colours and for a single clone to produce different coloured corollas at different bloom periods, but when the latter happens, the colour of the corona does not change.*
* The only case I know of where the colour of the corona appears to change at different bloomings is Hoya kerrii and that is not a true change. The colour of a Hoya kerrii comes from the dark coloured sap inside its transparent corona lobes. Heavy watering causes the sap to be thin and extremely high temperatures causes it to "boil" over and spill out, leaving the corona several shades lighter in colour than when it blooms under cooler and drier conditions.
Source: The Hoyan, Vol. 8 #1

Maybe this is a different case, though, since it's a cultivar?

I continued my search and I found a really pretty collection of publicalyx photos, which you can look through here. Among them was the following picture:

Source: ki's Flickr

Now, that plant has the same label as yours. Maybe some others can comment on their own crazy coronas. It wouldn't surprise me if RHP did the same thing, although I wasn't able to find any pictures to support this theory.

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I hope I did not confuse you by saying the two blooms came from the same peduncle. I did check the pot and there is one main vine with a split into two above the soil. They are two separate blooms on the same plant. There is another bloom on the second peduncle I posted forming and when that blooms I will post that. The peduncle from the darker or first picture dried up on its own. I LOVE the one above, two split colors on the coronas. The only determination I could make was that due to factors of season/temperature changes this may have contributed to the color changes. Another bloom was the same blotchy mauve as the second picture posted. Is that clear as mud? ~ Mary PS the Hoya is described on the Glasshouse Works website, where it came from years ago. They call it black chimaera.

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No, you didn't confuse me. I got it. ^_^ Isn't it funny the way the white corona is always paired with the pink corolla and the red corona is always paired with the black corolla? Cool!

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Yes the pairing GG! I have seen One depicted with the corona/corolla as a "Rose-pink". I got one and hope it comes true to that color combination. Does anyone else have this and had a bloom come out with a same combination? ~ Mary

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I took this photo of two peduncles blooming (I "intermeshed" them for the photo) at the same time on the same vine on my 'Royal Hawaiian Purple', just inches apart.

And for me, the wildest difference between flowers on the same plant is meliflua...


Denise in Omaha

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oh my that meliflua is so cute!!! i love all the different colors in the bottom pic! makes me think of ice cream!

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Nice Denise! Nature truely is a miracle! I am waiting for that 2nd bloom to open to see if it is the same color as the first one, any day now! ~ Mary

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Just H.carnosa, I believe same peduncle bloomed couple month ago with all flowers light pink?! Sorry for lack of focus, camera went for vacation with DH, so only phone left to take pictures!

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Nice one, Aggie! :D

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