'Chimera' Pubicalyx

puglvr1(9b central FL)July 1, 2010

I received some cuttings almost two years ago from a kind and generous collector of this hoya. I'm pretty excited that its blooming for the very first time....I've noticed this one is darker than my RHP flowers. It smells prett nice too, I'll have to smell it tonight and see if its stronger.

Took about 5 days to open...

This one is from my RHP

Does anyone know if 'chimera' is just another name for RHP or is it just another pubicalyx clone?

Thanks for looking!

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Your 'RHP' flower looks more like my 'Pink Silver' and the 'Chimera' looks like my 'RHP.' Your 'RHP' leaves (from what I can see behind the flower) look a lot like my 'Pink Silver', too. Can you show us photos of the leaf detail?

Denise in Omaha

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I'm sort of in agreement with Denise on this one. The new growth and leaves on RHP should be deep dark purple, also it's leaves are a bit narrower and longer than on the other pubicalyx clones.

My RHP is in bloom right now but I can't for the life of me get an accurate pic of it!!! The flowers are very dark purple though.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Denise and David, I'm pretty positive that my RHP is labeled correctly, I bought mine from Gardino's and it has Lots of reddish/purple leaves on it plus some of the vines are are alos darker than my P.silver. I have Pink silver also which doesn't have any reddish/purplish vines or leaves at all. But the flowers on Pink silver and RHP are almost the same. Not sure if its because of my growing enviroment, fertilizer or what exactly the reason behind it.

Pink Silver, you can see there are no red leaves at all

Leaves on my RHP

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Oh, yeah, those dark leaves are definitely characteristic of 'RHP'!! Gorgeous! But I have to say that the leaves on my 'RHP' are typically MUCH narrower than yours. I'm sure there are differnt clones, so maybe that's the difference. But my 'RHP' has no silver flecking at all, so it makes me wonder if there is perhaps a clone of 'RHP' out there that might actually be a cross between the very splashy clone of 'PS' that I have and 'RHP'. You're 'PS' is much less flecked and leaves are wider than mine. I think it's so interesting how many different clones there are of these pubicalyx cultivars!!

Denise in Omaha

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I finally got a half way decent pic of my RHP in bloom today. I received this as a small plant from a friend who purchased the original plant from Aloha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Denise, My PS used to have a lot more splash on it, but not sure if the reason for a lot less is because I grow mine in very bright light outside? I agree with you that there are so many clones and crosses between the pubicalyx's, I guess we'll really never know which is which especially since the flowers(color) don't really seem to make any difference between them.

David...Very nice! Yours is even quite a bit darker than mine. There must be so many different ones out there I wouldn't even venture a guess.

They are all so pretty regardless of color, I guess that's the great thing about it.

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