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susancarol(7)July 4, 2014

I got a number of cuttings this season from Carol, Denise and Ric as well as cuttings from my own plants. All have rooted very well. They are presently in the clear plastic solo cups. How soon to move up to the next level? I'm thinking of putting the heavy leaf ones in 6 inch clay this weekend. My potting mix is 1/3 MG soil, 1/3 perlite, and 1/3 orchid mix.

Susan in Virginia

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Do not rush into it - let them become completely root-bound-first, and even then, repot into a pot 1-2 inches larger at most. 6 inches for something that just rooted this spring is way too big, I think. Most hoyas want to feel secure/tight in their pots before they bloom.

If the issue is balance of top-heavy plants, an option is to place the small rooting pot into a bigger heavier pot (6 inch clay you mentioned is fine), and fill with rocks or something else heavy in-between the pots. Voila - stability but also tight roots.

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GT, I read your post and took it all in but then I did what I wanted to. :-)

I'm a stubborn person and should have never posted this in the first place because I more or less was going to do what I wanted to.

Anyway, I potted up the variegated macrophylla in a 6 inch clay pot and it is putting out a lot of new growth.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Susan in Virginia

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Susan - I know you have already done it, but I just wanted to add, I have moved from 3 inches up to 5 or 6 inch pots quite often. I've even gone from 4 inch to 8 inch. Basically, as long as your conditions/potting media don't allow for stale wetness, they should be fine.

For example, this time of the year, I have 8 in pots that dry out hard within a day. As long as the roots are getting the wet dry cycle (and different Hoyas have different requirement cycles) that they need to be healthy, pot size doesn't really matter.

Good luck with them!


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