Need some Suggestions for Monticello/Sullivan county Garden

bigpaulie1972(9B Melbourne FL)May 16, 2007

Hello. I have a rental property in the Monticello area right on the Neversink river. We have spent the last year completely renovating the inside of the house and also had to have several very old large cedars and pines removed because of the damage they were doing to the roof and siding.

Now that we have finished the insides we are turning our attention to the landscaping. Me and my wife want to plant some fruit trees and also want some low maintanence flowering shrubs for foundation plantings. The house has power lines running in the front yard about 40 ft from the front of the house along the road. We need trees that will flower and fruit but wont get so big as to hit the power lines in the front yard. We ate some plums from a farmers market last fall and they told us they were grown locally within an hour of the market. They were small and had a pointy tip, very dark purple/blue. We would love to get several of these if we could find the cultivar. They didnt know the name at the market.

Also for the foundation plantings we were hoping to get something that flowers in the spring. Do azaleas do well in the Sullivan County area and can anyone from the area tell me what the soil conditions usually run? acidic/alkaline? As far as shrubs go what are the most easy to care for since we will only be at the house for no more than 8 weeks a year in four, 2 week periods. So we are looking for things that only require some light seasonal pruning and fertilizing. Thank you in advance for all your help!

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jaybn(z5 NY)

I like Chaenomeles/Flowering Quince. Cameo & Toyo Nishiki are varieties that grow to about 6 ft.; Jet Trails & Texas Scarlet stay at about 2 ft. They just finished blooming. They have small thorns so deer leave them alone. Mine are near the road-salt doesn't bother them either. Their crabapple sized fruit is ok for jam or baked products; not good fresh.

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shaolin(z5 NY)


I think the plums you were looking at were probably Italian Prune Plums. They're kind of a dusty blue black, right? With yellow or reddish yellow flesh? You can plant almost any fruit tree (check the zones and don't plant apples near Black Walnut trees) just make sure you get a dwarf or semi dwarf size, and then wrap them with chicken wire to protect them from deer until they get big enough to be left alone.

As for shrubs, you should probably consider whatever is deer proof. In my neck of the woods the deer eat both azalea and rhodies. If you have full sun, lilacs are always wonderful and pretty much full proof around here. In shadier areas, forsythia is a true work horse (there's a reason every old house around here has the common trio of forsythia, peonies and lilacs. I think they were all planted when the houses were built and have persisted ever since!). High Bush Cranberries, flowering Quince, some particularly thorny and tough roses like Rugosa roses, Mock Orange - are all great. I would take a tour of other houses and yards around your neighborhood and see what seems to be growing well. Ask your neighbors about their gardens, or go to a local plant nursery (not a big box store) and ask there. Poking around locally is always the best way to get information.

Good luck!

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