wallisadiOctober 12, 2011

i really don't like roses...attracts nothing, does nothing except bloom, gets all kinds of pests and problems...but this one is a keeper. this is from cuttings from my dad's house, been there for years...

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Yme405(10b SW Fla)

Very pretty

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I beg to differ. Roses attract me and occasionally bees. :)

I am happy when a plant does nothing but bloom with beautiful flowers like the one you posted.

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My roses are full of bees, and the other flowers somewhat....actually I think roses give more for the money than any other flower, it will live longer and bloom more over time, some of mine are 40 years old whilst I have planted most of my other flowers both annual and perennial numerous times, so when added up they are more cost than the roses... also roses bloom mostly year-round while the other flowers have a short 'season'.... I'll take roses any time !! sally

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you win, killer blooms.....:)

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akaj9(9 Central Florida)

Not to mention they provide great hiding places for little green tree frogs! I always find them hiding in my rose blooms :) And I LOVE them!

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I have a few of the old garden roses, on their own root stock and they have never been sprayed or treated in any way except some fertilizer once in a while when I fertilize everything else. They are really easy to grow. :o)

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