Summering outside for first time, what to expect? oregon)July 24, 2013


I normally keep all of my houseplants indoors year round, but this ear we are staying at my moms house in California for the summer until we can move into or new place.
So I brought all of my houseplants from Oregon to California with me.
She has a shaded patio with a water "mister" around the entire patio, so ya nice and humid.

I have a few plants that I am hoping to get a lot of new growth on this year.
Can I expect a lot of nice new growth in their new warm sunny humid environment?!
I have 3 types of Hoya (grandmas carnosa, hindu rope, & kerrii) and I also have a few orchid cactus that I'm hoping will bloom. One with red flowers anyone night blooming cereus. And a curly spider and Easter cactus.
I also just ordered yesterday "dinnerplate Hoya" Hoya obovata, verrigated obovata, and polka dot begonia. So excited to get them!!

Anyway, do you think I can expect lots of growth in this new environment? How do your plants do outside in summer?

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Lucky you! I live in Oregon!

I grew up in S. California and was too young to appreciate the plant weather before we moved away!

Whereabouts in Oregon are you from? I am in the Columbia Gorge and always looking for Hoya friends in the state. :)

I know to just avoid direct sun on any plant you put outside for the first time.

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I am from the rogue valley in southern Oregon.
I am so home sick and can't wait to move back :)

& yes all plants are in the shade :)

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Cool... let me know when you are back - perhaps we can exchange cuttings :)

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