Topsoil source near Rye Brook?

robynwMay 15, 2005

Hi all,

Well, after a year on the house construction forums, I'm finally in my brand new home, and eager to get my lawn and garden started. I will be needing a few truckloads of top soil as the construction and regrading of the property has left me with a barren site. Does anyone have a reputable source in the Rye Brook vicinity (could be most anywhere in Westchester or Fairfield CT) for topsoil? We're a little concerned because we've heard (sub)urban legends about soil coming from questionable or even toxic sources--- don't know if this is really cause for concern, but if anyone has any info to help, this new neighbor would greatly appreciate it!


robyn w

: )

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Ask your gardening neighbors. They would have local info for you. Good luck.

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simon5136(z6.5 NY)

Hi robyn w:
We have been in your area for about 27 years and have "reconstructed" our 1 acre lot in Harrison to exactly where we wanted it....topsoil, mulch and a lucious landscape....all with our two hands. I'd be happy to help and save you some grief along the way.


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Thanks for the offer Simon. Sorry I haven't been back here in a while-- I've been off studying the lawn forums. Now that the grass has come in (and plenty of weeds... but that's a different thread) I'm starting to research the other landscaping projects in my future: shrubs, perennials, etc... Obviously summer is not the time to plant these, but I want to start visiting some nurseries so that I can have my act together in the fall.

Do you have any local nurseries that you recommend, especially ones that have quality plants in the fall (not just overgrown dried out summer leftovers)? Do you know of any that will provide 'free' landscape design if I purchase the plants through them? I've heard that that is not an uncommon practice. Other than my new lawn and my neighbors' border plantings I have a completely blank slate and I'm a bit overwhelmed at where to begin.

I appreciate any local info you can provide as I learn my way around this part of Westchester-- including good restaurants!


robyn w
: )

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Hi Robin! Although I live in Fishkill, I work in Port Chester. If you want good restaurants, try Alba's in Greenwich. If you want something less fancy, the Rye Ridge Deli is great for lunch. Good luck and welcome to the area.

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