daletteJuly 29, 2010

What makes a Hoya grow a peduncle and then it just falls off and never flowers?Thanks for any info......

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Is it the first peduncle? Sometimes, it's like they have a hard time putting out those first ones. Usually, the peduncle starts to bud up then aborts. I have a peduncle on my macgillivrayii that tried 3 times and aborted all 3. But sometimes, the whole peduncle falls off. There are certain Hoyas whose peduncles are rather tender and they will sometimes yellow and drop, like lacunosa. I think it gets bumped or disturbed, which damages it. At any rate, don't take it personally. You can expect a new peduncle now that it's working on making them.

Denise in Omaha

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Thank you Denise.....

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey there Denise,

That was so nicely written & reassuring. You're such a great Hoya mother ;>)

I guess I feel especially reassured as I repotted my NO ID Hoya (suspect Shepardhi) w/ 5 peduncles its had for a year or more. They haven't budded up yet, but I couldn't remember when I repotted it, so I did it this weekend & didn't lose any peduncles - yayyyyy!!!


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Hi Karen,

Shepherdii is one of my favorites with it's super-skinny, succulent leaves. I have mine over-potted, but it still spits out a few blooms for me. It's never been a real fast grower for me though, unlike shepherdell.

I bet if you gave it a shot of bloom booster (which is also good for root development), it'll give it a little "push" to bloom.

Denise in Omaha

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Karen another way to get blooms is to put your plant near an open window where it gets at least a ten degree drop in temperature at night, this Hoya likes it cool to bloom well. Peduncles are produced very easily but getting more than a few to bloom can be tricky for indoor growers.


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