Apple butter question

marti8aSeptember 14, 2007

I was just given a jar of apple butter, but it's red and runny. Is it supposed to be that way?

btw, I've never eaten apple butter, or any other kind of fruit made into "butter". What exactly do you do with it?

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readinglady(z8 OR)

Red apple butter? Maybe it has red hot cinnamon candies in it? Some applesauce is rosy depending upon the variety of apple, but I haven't encountered red apple butter.

If it's runny it just hasn't been cooked long enough. It's not a safety issue, but again, it'd be more like a spiced applesauce. Depending on the flavor, it might be good with pork.

Generally apple butter is used like jam, on toast for example. Some people like it on pancakes or waffles. It can also be an ingredient in cakes. Applesauce cake, but you have the additional spices. It works well for that. If you're trying to use it up, the cake is what I'd go for. It doesn't sound like it has the right consistency for true apple butter.


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Is the consistency supposed to be the same as jelly?

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

The term "butter" refers to the thick, soft consistency, and its use as a spread for breads.
Fruit butters are sweet spreads made by cooking fruit pulp with sugar to a thick consistency. Spices are often added. Butters are not gelled.

The jams would be gelled. The fruit butters are cooked until they mound up on a spoon. Sounds like what you have been given is as Carol said, not cooked long enough.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

As Linda Lou said, true apple butter has a thick, soft consistency. You should be able to heap it on a spoon with no liquid seeping out. It doesn't jell because it doesn't have enough sugar and it isn't cooked to the jell point. That's why I doubted what you have is a true apple butter.


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So it's normal that it moves around in the jar? Not sloshing but flows with gravity. I haven't opened it yet.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

No, again, real apple butter is thicker. It doesn't "slosh around" or flow. Imagine an ultra-dense applesauce and that's apple butter. It isn't jelled but thick enough that it just sits where it is. (Obviously your apple butter doesn't meet that criterion.)


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Hmmm, how to explain the consistancy of apple butter... on my imaginary consistancy scale it falls kind of between pudding on the softer end and peanut butter on the stiffer end. :^)

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Sometimes I've had apple butters be a bit on the runny side but they've never managed to be red. Perhaps as someone mentioned before, red hot cinnamons were used for flavoring? Either that or red food coloring?

Apple butter is generally made by starting with apple sauce, adding spices, generally cinnamon and sometimes nutmeg and other spices and then cooking it until it is the consistency of pudding or even a bit thicker. It can take hours and when it gets late and I'm tired of the whole thing, I'll can it a bit on the runny side, but it is still perfectly edible and tasty, just better for pancakes than toast.

Have you tried opening the jar yet? It should smell like cinnamon apples.

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on the apple butter conversation any one got a good apple butter recipie my wife loves that stuff and it has to be better than store bought when you make it yourself

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here is a really easy and yummy recipe.

2- 3 pounds (50 oz) jars unsweetened apple sauce
3 pounds granny smith apples
4 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups apple juice
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon cloves
1 teaspoon allspice

Peel and cut apples into small chips. Place all ingredients in the crock pot and stir. Cover and cook on low overnight (eight to ten hours). Remove cover, stir and taste. Add more spices or sugar if desired. Continue cooking for a few more hours, uncovered, until some of the liquid has evaporated and butter has cooked down a bit. Pour into jars and place in water bath for 10 mins

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