Please help ID these hostas

claydirt(5)April 23, 2013

Below, right to left, Abiqua Drinking Gourd then Sagae then a mis-identified hosta I purchased from Naylor Creek several years ago (on the far left). I ordered a Sum and Substance, but this looks more like Queen of the Seas. Only problem is that I do not see Queen of the Seas for sale on Naylor's web site this year.

And, if you please, a friend gave me the following hosta several years ago (which I have almost killed with the soil in this pot). It looks very cool and I'm trying to save it. I'm clueless on this one. Any ideas?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Top pic I'm thinking 'Queen of the Seas' or 'Komodo Dragon'. Naylor Creek could very well have been selling QOTS when you placed the original order several years ago, eh? I'm sure you'll get some answers from much more experienced peeps than I, but this plant you have is pretty darn distinctive-looking. It's beautiful; that's pretty clear.

Good Luck!
Don B.
Westminster, CO.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I think that's Komodo Dragon in the first picture. As for the second I can't tell. It could be Elegans, but it appears to be immature. Post a pic when it flowers and we might be able to tell from that.


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Ludi _PA_7a


Did your friend tell you if the hosta in the second picture was a division from an original plant, or a seedling that sprung up in the garden ?

Just my opinion, but that looks like an Elegans selfed seedling.

Steve is probably right though with it simply being immature, but I have dozens of these little baby Elegans seedlings all over the place and while small they do not usually resemble mom's almost cordate leaf shape.

I'm picking at threads, sorry.

Either way it's a big blue and you can't ever go wrong with them . . . it's what got me hooked. :p

Good luck !


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Thanks so much. I do like blue hostas and have a couple of mature blue angles.

The bottom picture is of a hosta that came from my (out of state) friends' neighbor that was re-landscaping or adding an extension to the house? They were offering their hostas to anyone on the street. It's at least a "third hand" hosta and I may never know how it came to be. This year it has about 5 or 6 eyes, but they are very thin. It will be no where near as healthy and robust. It's out of the pot now, so hopefully next year it will be happier. Maybe in 2 or 3 years I'll post another picture of it.

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3rd might be Bressingham Blue.


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Thanks Paul. I noted your Bressingham Blue idea in my records so I don't forget.

I found this (thanks to Google).
Posted by sally_grower (My Page) on Tue, May 15, 12 at 22:18 "I bought QOTS from Naylor Creek in 2009. It did it's "jump" thing this year!"

That's the same year (2009) that I ordered from Naylor. I also figured out they sold Komodo Dragon in 2007 but it's not listed in their 2010 catalog. Hum... Thanks again everyone.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I also figured out they sold Komodo Dragon in 2007 but it's not listed in their 2010 catalog

==>>> is this the second time you said something like this ... [i think.. lol]

naylor buys a certain number of young TC.. pots them up grows them to perfection for a year or two .... and sells them

and when they are gone.. they are gone..

i dont understand what significance you are putting on the fact that it is in one years catalog.. and not the next..

all it means.. is that they sold them all..

or they all died ...

their biz format is not to have every hosta forever.. they grow and sell the newest and the best.. and if its not new-ish.. it is gone ...

and i talked to jack once.. as to why he was selling on the library auctions .... and he basically said.. it was odds and ends.. too few in number to put in the following years catalog .... and if i cant go into the catalog.. and being that they have very few visitors [they are not open to the public] .. any $$$ is better than nothing .... and it had nothing to do with what the actual hosta was.... its simply a function of making space.. for the next .. newest and latest ....

my QOTS.. is much more vase shaped.. in deep shade ...

my komodo dragon is about 5 feet tall and 8 feet wide ....... it has been dead to the ground for months.. i dont recall is leaf pattern ....

your 3 hosta.. in the pic above.. are at least 3 feet too close together ...


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