Low sugar apple jelly recipe?

kalindi615September 8, 2012


I want to do a low sugar apple jelly. I am using Ball's flex batch pectin. When I go to their web site it gives directions for low sugar apple jelly as:

For every 2 (8 oz) half pints, you will need:

Apple juice --- 2 cups

Unsweetened fruit juice or thawed concentrate or water-- 1/3 cup

Ball� RealFruit� Low or No-Sugar Needed Pectin-- 2 Tbsp

Granulated sugar, sugar substitute, or honey-- up to 1/2 cup

So my questions are -

1, has anyone done a low sugar version of this?

2, what did you use for the unsweetened juice, or concentrate (I don't think I want to use water sounds tasteless)? In previous jams I have done using low sugar, I always use apple juice. Should I use a different juice to compliment the apples?

3, I have never made any of my jelly with honey, does it taste better? Can you tell that honey is used in place of sugar?

4, has anyone found the "perfect" amount of low sugar if you can use "up to" 1/2 cup? I want to stay as low sugar as possible, but want my kids to still eat it ;)

Thanks in advance,


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I use Pomona Pectin and typically use 1.5 cups sugar for 5 half-pint jars of apple jelly. Lemon juice is required, and this amount of sugar creates a delicious jelly using the pink apple nectar I save from cooking good peelings and cores. I let the nectar sit in the fridge for a day or two before making it into jelly and it clears quite a bit, but not all the way.Still, I think it's the best jelly or jam I make.

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Sorry it took so long for me to get back to this, I got very side tracked by applesauce. I just started making my jelly (well my juice tonight). I think I am going your route and using the lemon juice. I wish I had some Pomona Pectin to use after reading so much the last few days, but with all this Ball's left, I really want to use it up before trying another.

What I can't figure out is it does seem like Pomona is saying you do have to use lemon juice for the acidity because of the low sugar of the more sugary apples, that you don't need it for the tart apples. Why doesn't Ball specify that you need added acidity? I have decided to use it in your exact quantities and just use the pectin I have. I assume there is no issue with that as the pectin is only a thickener right?

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You are right about the varying tartness of apples, which might make it possible to skip the lemon juice, but why take a chance? In this instance the lemon juice brightens the flavor of the jelly, which might otherwise lack pop because of the low sugar content. One time I forgot the lemon juice and the batch turned out fine, but we used it up first anyway.

With Pomona you are using a calcium-activated pectin, but another like Ball's should be fine. If they don't say to add lemon juice, there is probably citric acid in the product that acts as an acidifier.

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I am using Gala apples and they are very sweet. You are right, I just read the label on the pectin and it has citric acid added. I am still adding the lemon juice because I think your right, why take the chance and also because that was the original reason for my post I was thinking there needed to be another juice along with the apple to make the jelly taste right.

Thanks for the help. I am going to get to some jelly making now.


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