Soggy but still here

oldroser(z5)June 30, 2006

Dutchess County got off lightly with only a couple of inches of rain. The garden is wet and the roses soggy but otherwise we're fine. How did all of you make out?

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I'm in Poughkeepsie (town) and we had to get over 5-7 inches in the past 3 days here. ENOUGH ALREADY! I'm starting to grow webbed feet!


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I've had to rip out all my peas from rot. Most of the pods didn't even reach the ripe stage...very late for peas since I planted them mid-March. It must be from lack of sun. Many plants are very long and leggy this spring from this weather.

The petunias and poppies are much deadheading of rotted blooms...much fungus. But most everything else looks great from the rain. Roses were spectacular.

It looks like a tropical rainforest up here and the Ashokan reservoir spillway (and lower spillway gorge) are raging like Niagara Falls. It's worth a trip to see it.

Do I have to mention the mosquitoes?

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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

Here in New Paltz, we probably got 3 or 4 inches up on the hills but at least the flooding wasn't as bad as last year when I couldn't get across the Wallkill for days. I've got some new gullies cut into the ground and the driveway from the runoff but nothing that a couple of yards of crushed stone won't fix.

The poppies got flattened but strangely are putting out beautiful new blossoms 2 inches off the ground. The pepper plants are now in desperate need of staking (as are some wayward asparagus ferns) since they all got blown over but everything else is looking fine. I'll know more in a couple of days as to how the garlic fared since I'll harvest the early ones this weekend.

I definitely agree with Susan ... the bugs are fierce and they are everywhere!!!

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linnea2(z5 NY)

I'm in Ulster Park, between New Paltz and Kingston, we got clobbered but
all our pumps were working and there's really no damage to report
except a few Dahlias that have rotten buds. My newly planted Stewartia
(April) flowered and looks very happy, as does everything else
that the rabbits didn't eat.

"Our" large family of red tailed hawks have mysteriously disappeared
and we now have NO rodent predator. They're totally out of control!
I'm getting a rehab feral cat or two next week.

I enjoyed the rain after our March drought, nice break from watering!
Much cooler June than last year too, much appreciated.

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I'm in New Paltz and was out of town this week. I read about the flooding in the Times which mentioned the Wallkill and the Rondout but when I got here today the river looked a bit high but not unusually so andthere wasn't as much water in our gulley as last year.

My hydrangeas are huge and the bush roses are doing beautifully. Nothing rotty or soggy. I was suprised.

But the weeds are brutal.

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tommy2cool(z5 NY)

we are on the Delaware near Barryville NY---18" of floodwater in garden---submerged tractor,garden tractor,quad & chipper shreader-lost 5 huge trees (one was a 100 plus yr old river willow)---2 acres of lower field area turned from grassy to stone---over an acre disappeared, just gone,washed away leaving rocks & sand --- and oh yes---the knotweed survived---trying to regroup here but hard to know where to start---what grows out of sand thru a pile of rocks?---Tom

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