Hoya Chelsea

abigail1280(8)July 26, 2010

I purchased a hoya chelsea about 2 months ago at Lowes. It's really started to grow here lately, but some of the newer leaves are not as firm as the older leaves. I only water it when it feels dry. Am I not watering it enough? Will these leaves firm up? It's not lost any leaves, but it's become so beautiful that I would really hate to lose it, and I wanna do anything I can for it.

This was it about a month ago:

And this is it now:

These are 2 of the newer leaves that are not as crisp:

The top leaf is another one that is not crisp:

Then I have these two leaves that look nothing like the other leaves and are not as crisp either:

And this is the pot that it's in. It came in this pot, and yes it does have drainage holes. I've not repotted it.

I do have plans to put it in a hanging basket and move it outside on to my screened in porch. I don't have any other shady places in my yard for it. It stays in the 80s and 90s here and the humidity is 55%-65% even at night. Right now it's sitting by a west facing window where the blinds are either closed or tilted open.

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Most Hoyas have tender leaves as they develop but they will harden as they mature. Other species have soft pliable leaves even at maturity. Your Hoya carnosa 'Chelsea' looks very healthy and it's doing everything a growing Hoya should, noting to worry about at all.


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Jan Sword

New leaves are usually soft, it gets harden as it age.
LOoks like a plain carnosa is in that pot with chealsea, I would take it out put in another pot if it was mine.
Nice plant BTW.

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I think those two leaves you say look different are a set that have reverted back to standard carnosa leaves. I've had this happen with other carnosa cultivars. I had a normal leaf come on my 'Mathilde'. After leaves filled in around that spot, I removed it.

Looks happy to me, too.

Denise in Omaha

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That is a beautiful 'Chelsea'. Mine doesn't look nearly that good, anymore. :(

Keep up the good work!


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