bottom watering EA mix

maidinmontanaJuly 17, 2010

Hi everyone. . . I haven't been real active here lately, (lots of major projects going on outside). And with that comes the problem finding time to tend to my hoyas like I should.

I let a few of my EA plants get a little too dry. As you all probably know, when they get too dry it's hard to get them wet again. As a desperate measure, I decided to water them the way I water my african violets, from the bottom.

I measured the water so I knew how much the plants soaked up. Every so often I'd dump the water back in the measuring cup to see how much, if any,they had taken up. It took a few hours, but when the tops of the pots were spongy to the touch I knew they had enough.

Still a little sceptical, I lifted one of the plants out of the pot to make sure the entire rootball was good a saturated, IT WAS.

Before, I never really knew if the rootball was getting any water or if it was just running thru the pot.

Just thought I'd share this with everyone, if you're like me and skidish with the EA plants, this works very well.


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Thanks, Maid. Were they the 8inch? And could you tell me how much water they took? I'm just curious. I've got a couple of their big pots I've accidentally let get a bit dryer than they should.


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They were the 8 inch pots, yes. I did each plant seperate using 4 cups of water per plant. They actually soaked up the 4 cups in no time, so I added another 4 cups per plant. It took a little over 3 cups the second time.

Like I said, it makes me feel better knowing they got a good drink, and it might have been the first time since I've had them. . . :(

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Thanks, Maid! And I'm glad they took in a good drink for you. :)

Hope your weekend it going well!


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Hi Maid!

Good to see you back! Hmm, now that your hoyas have been neglected a little bit, maybe they'll bloom! I'm going to have to keep watch on my EA plants (KP, Chelsea and lacunosa). They do dry out faster than my other plants/cuttings, which I have in my own soil. Lacunosa is very rootbound and I'm afraid to repot it (I read some people repotted their EA lacunosas and they died shortly after).

It's been rainy here. When it hasn't been, it's blistering hot out (It's in the 90's now). Mother Nature is very tempermental this summer!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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