Stuart Asch plants arrived today

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)April 26, 2012

When someone mentioned Mr. A was auctioning some of his plants, I had to take a look. Darn, don't you know they jumped into my basket? I bid on two which I won, but lost the third. However, Mr. A let me buy a bit of it to go with the two--and then when I got the package today, he'd included two nice bonus plants!!! Hosta folks are so nice.

The plants were

Bibb Lettuce (about 10 eyes)

Nathan's Nirvana

Stiff Upper Lip

Spring Fling


I'll be taking their mug shots in the morning and posting to the thread later. Just very pleased to have these plants in my garden. With the incoming to be potted, I'll be headed out early to get more pots! And some vermiculite to blend with the pine bark and compost load delivered today.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Nice list. I missed out on the bidding this year since I was so busy with my taxes. The two hostas I got from Stuart last year are looking great this year!

You sure have collected a lot of nice hostas this year!


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You noticed? :) I counted on paper what I WILL have when all are delivered by mid-May (when Walters will ship my February auction plant)---and provided I get no more lovely bonus plants. It will count up to (135) and I say that in a whisper. Who knew. All in containers except for 3 of them. Different hosta, not counting x2 or x3.

Next spring will be the proof in how well I can grow them.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

LOL, yes I noticed.... since every time you post, my list gets longer. I really like your selections! I'm fortunate that I can buy most locally, but I really like getting them in the mail, so I find some to buy through mail order too. There's nothing like the UPS man ringing the doorbell with a box of hostas in his hand... and even though you know what's in the box, there's still an element of surprise! Oh... and the bonus hosta, they're the best!


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That is so funny, Gesila, because every time YOU post, MY list gets longer!!! Don't tell me we are a bad influence on one another!! I'm dying here.......

Yes, the UPS guy and I have brief chats, and he has expressed wonder at where am I putting all those packages he delivers...time to run when they begin leaping over the privacy fence. All my hosta arrive UPS or USPS. Yes you are very fortunate to have local nurseries who know and sell hosta. Locally here, it's Lowes. Have not checked Home Depot, no plans to do so either.

I did not mention another order received the day before, from Naylor Creek. I got TWO Paradise Islands and ONE Orange Marmalade, all because of pictures you posted I'm sticking to that story-- plus a few others which I have yet to upload to Flickr. Mug shots are ready though. A lot of nice gold in them all. More news at 10. :)

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He said he was going to be auctioning off a lot of his plants so if you see Made You Look and/or Made From Scratch grab them as their just beautiful. I'm waiting for him to offer Deceiver and Van Gogh. He couldn't confirm whether he'd offer those or not.


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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

I have quite a few OS plants from Stuart. I am a big fan of spring back, spring break, double d cup, seducer and many more. He has such outstanding plants. I am not going to purchase too many this year as I am in "rehab" mode from the year ago that I had two foot surgeries. I have alot of maintenance that has to be done before I buy any others.

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I finished uploading today's photos to the Flickr hosta album, and I'll post here the Stuart Asch plants, then go over to the other thread and post the Naylor Creek plants.
I forgot to take a shot of the Bibb Lettuce after it went into the pot. Anyway, I'd gathered its tender leaves up into a pony tail for the evening, hope they are fine in the morning.I am super pleased with these beauties. Here are the mugshots:

Nathan's Nirvana

Spring Break


Stiff Upper Lit--never saw anything like this!

And sweet young Bibb Lettuce

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If those were my plants, I'd tape up those floppy petioles. Until the re-stiffen on their own, they're just going to flop further and further to the ground.

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Melissa, I did tape the Bibb Lettuce, which is very light weight. If Nathan's Nirvana does not return to his energetic self, then he gets the tape in the morning. Really, the Stiff Upper Lip is pretty sturdy, unless our temps in the 70s is foreign to him.

Thanks for taking a look at them. I want to keep them right.

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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

I like the Asch plants so much I am considering doing a "Fire and Asch" themed bed with plants with fire in their name and of course, his plants.

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