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beverlymnz4April 7, 2013

Since we are reminding people about spring chores (Amonia thread) I got to thinking about mine.

I'm typing up my pip count spreadsheet. Last year one of you forum regulars said you kept track of your pip count each year. If the pip count is down, then you know there could be a problem, like root invasion, voles or rot. I can't remember if said person dug it up right away or if he/she waited and dug after two reduced years.

Anyway, I think its a good idea to help diagnose problems below ground.

Happy Planting,

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Babka NorCal 9b

Beverly MN, That is a great reminder! When you catch these problems early, they are fixable.

I count all the noses...eyes...pips poking up each Spring until they are more than 10. Then I just write "M" for many. When plant goes from 1 small eye to one BIG eye, that is noted too, because it shows progress. If something is getting smaller sometimes I investigate, and sometimes not. Going from 5 to 3 eyes is OK IF those new eyes are big and fat.

This is an easy thing for me to do with under 100 hostas. I wonder what HH or Ken does, with acres of hostas. I imagine they are not as anal about pips as I am with my few.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

nope.. never counted.. dont care ...

papou was the master of that.. GRHS .... and i was truly baffled by the record keeping he did.. but that was his ball of wax.. and all the power to him..

and you.. if it makes it fun for you ...


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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

I count.... didn't do it last year because of my work scheduled. And I think it might have been me that talked about taking action when there's a reduction in size.

I suspect that since I missed counting last year, that this year I'll be able to really see if there are some major issues going on.... I suspect one part of my garden may have some pretty heavy root competition.... coupled with less sun. Might have to do some major renovation in that area.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Here's an example of Papou's work.

That's an engineer for you.


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OMG, that is an engineer!!!!

I"d have a complex if I tried to live up to that standard of detail. I'm doing good counting POTS.

Last year, my pot count did not match my hosta index, and I went searching until I found the small pot not on the list. Little orphan is how it felt. That's when I began rotating pots so I would feature each one with at least an hour of recognition and take its "school picture" on a regular basis.

This year I'll be even more careful to document each pot of hosta, because I have as many as 8 plantaginea, 2 of beaucoup different ones, and am learning the wisdom of planting both like hosta in the SAME pot, given enough room.

Unless, like with Sugar Daddy, I am performing an experiment. Where one is given a lot of sun and the other as much shade as I have available. Hopefully, one environment will show the preferred conditions of this hosta, which some say does not wear well......but I really like its NAME! Every girl needs a nice Sugar Daddy at some point in her life. :)

My 2013 pictures on the camera now are all that I have of my hosta.....except for what Flickr albums show. What a bummer.

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