Peonies & deer?

SuVo(z5 NY)June 2, 2004

I just saw a beautiful disply of peonies in a yard

in my neighborhood. I was surprised the deer hadn't

eaten them, so i asked the woman about it. She told

me the deer eat everything else in her yard, but NOT

the peonies. is that typical? Deer don't eat peonies?


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jayco(5b NY)

Yes, it's completely typical. Deer generally leave peonies alone. I say "generally" because sometimes fawns do take a bite. I have had mine browsed on rare occasion, but they are truly among the plants least often disturbed. By this time in summer they never get eaten.

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SuVo(z5 NY)

that's great news for me, because i love peonies,
but living in Florida i was never able to have
them... now i can :o)


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shaolin(z5 NY)

They never touch the things! It's one of the pleasures of gardening around here! It's also probably why so many nice old clumps have survived around these old houses!

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jayco(5b NY)

Welcome to New York! Peonies love it here!

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The deer haven't touched my peonies for more than twenty years, although they have eaten virtually everything else in my yard and hedgerow. I only wish that I could extend the peony blooming season for more than a few weeks.

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